Elements , Compound , definition of element and compounds , examples in chemistry

here we will study about Elements , Compound , definition of element and compounds , examples in chemistry –  Every subject has it’s own terminology to define anything . On the same way chemistry has also it’s own terms which is very important part of it.
If we want to read chemistry deeply and in good manner then first of all we need to study it’s terminologies which generally we will read in chemistry , if we do not study the terms of chemistry and do not understand the definitions and meaning of the terms then we can not understand chemistry , so terms are like heart of any subject.
The terms are of any subject is like dictionary , if we do not understand the meaning of words in English then we can not understand English language and to understand the meaning of words we need to study the dictionary.
Before we proceed to the deep learning of chemistry , we study and understand the terms of chemistry which we used generally.

  1. Elements

Element is a type of chemical substant , this is simplest form of substant which can not break down by any method or chemical reactions.
Elements contains same type of matter.
Example of elements in chemistry are oxygen , hydrogen etc.
So we can define elements like this way
“element is the simplest or smallest form of any matter which can not further decomposed by any method or chemical reactions”

  1. Compound

When two or more elements combined together and make a type of substant is called compound .
The elements are combine in compounds by ionic and covalent bonds.
On this way , when two elements bonded together and create compound .
The properties of created compound is very different from the bonded elements.
Compound can be decomposed into it’s simple form or substances by chemical reactions.
For example : when hydrogen and oxygen elements combined together , then a compound substant is made , this made substant is called water.
We can see that the properties of water is different from the oxygen and hydrogen , so compounds are basically defined as
“compound is a type of substant which is produced by combining or bonding two or more elements and compound can be decomposed or break down to it’s simple substances”

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