what is atom , molecule , definition of atoms , molecule in chemistry

Here we will discuss some basic technical terms of chemistry like what is atom , definition of atoms , define molecule , what is molecule in chemistry etc.
So we start our discussion with atom . do you know what is definition of atom ? not ? okay let’s study .
Atom : atom is the smallest particle of any body or element.
At the beginning , the atom assumed non breakable in any other format or by any reaction but after invention of electrons , protons and neutrons , it is found that atom is formed by electrons , protons and neutrons.
The electron carry negative charge , proton contains positive charge and the neutron have no charge on it.
So definition of atom is :
“atom is the smallest particle of any element by which anybody is made up”
The atom is very small in size , it’s size is around 100 Pico meters.
As we have studied earlier that atoms are formed by 3 particles , electrons , protons and neutrons.
Electron = negative charge
Proton = positive charge
Neutron = no charge
The protons and neutrons found at the center of atom and this is called nucleus of atom and the electrons orbiting around the nucleus.
The number of electrons & protons are equal so at simple state or normal state , the atom has no charge because the negative charge and positive charge are in same number or equal.
Molecule :  when two or more atoms are bonded by some chemical bonds , they formed molecule.
The molecule has the properties of the elements or compounds and the molecule is the smallest particle which have the it’s individual existence with the same properties of the element or compound.
Although the molecule can further divide or break down but after the division of molecule , it will lost the properties of the element or compound.
So molecule definition is given as :
“molecule is smallest particle of any element or compound and the molecule has independent existence , the molecule has the same properties as elements or compounds ”
When the molecule is made up of same type of atoms , it is called element’s molecule.
When the molecule is made up by dissimilar , this is called compound’s molecule

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