control system definition , examples , uses , explanation , what is control system

whatever we see around us everywhere we can find control system, because in every machine we see consists an arrangement of several components to get desired output as per our requirement.
what is the exact definition of control system?
first, we separate out these two-word

  1. control: the simple meaning of control is to regulate , means to operate anything .
  2. system: a system is a combination of different type of elements which are connected together.

so we can define a control system ” combinations of several elements which get connected together to produce the desired output as per our requirements or control (Regulate) other systems called control system ”


If we connect a bulb to electricity than our direct moto is to produced maximum light through it or the 100% use of electricity.
To get our this requirement we connect different type of elements like low resistance wire, high-quality switch, the high-quality gas used inside the bulb etc. in this way this became a system because it consists several elements and because we control or regulate these all the things as per our requirement so this is an example of control system .

use of a control system

Everywhere and in each field, we are using control system. we understand this thing.
medical every machine is made by connecting different type of physical components so this is control-system.
In education, if we consider a computer than this is also consists of many elements and it regulates these all elements to produce the desired output.
If we see a bus, this is also made by use of control system, because it contains many things inside it like engine etc. and the driver regulates or control on all these elements and fulfill our need, here is our need to get transportation on time and with safety.

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