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Which of the following detergents can cause maximum pollution ?

By   July 9, 2022

question : Which of the following detergents can cause maximum pollution ?

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(4) Detergents are always pollution-free

Answer : from all above options the correct answer is “(1) CH3CH(C4H9)- CH2CH2CH(C4H9)(CH2)3CH(C4H9)CH2CH2SO3Na”

Explanation of answer : Since it has a long chain, it undergoes slow biodegradation. It means those substances which contains large branches or chain , they will non biodegrade or we can say that they will take more time to get biodegrade. here you should remember that those objects or substances which decompose are called biodegrade and such things are called biodegradable items.

As we can see in all above options the option (1) substance consists largest chain and as per our definition given above that those substances which consists large chain are difficult to biodegrade or decompose that is why CH3CH(C4H9)- CH2CH2CH(C4H9)(CH2)3CH(C4H9)CH2CH2SO3Na detergents can cause maximum pollution because it does decompose easily. that is why we have given this as our answer.