Elena Cornaro Piscopia

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full article or biography : Elena Cornaro Piscopia was born in Venice , which is a beautiful city of Italy country on June 5, 1646 , it means before 373 years ago she was born and today is her 373th birthday and that is why google is showing on it’s doodle to tribute on her 373th birthday.
but do know who was Elena Cornaro Piscopia ? and why google showing her picture on it’s doodle ? if you do not know these things and we gonna discuss today about elena in this article.
she was basically a savant means she did too believe in god and she was first lady that time who did complete her degree in university and after receiving her university degree she became the first lady who got academic degree form any university means she did her degree before 300 years ago from today so she is inspiration for the women .
she shows the world that women also have same strength as man has so never underestimate the power and strength of woman.
her father name was Giovanni Battista Cornaro Piscopia and her mother name was Zanetta Boni , her father was a very rich man and her mother was not from a good family background. when Elena Cornaro Piscopia was born her parents was not got married but some time of her birth they got married.
priest Giovanni Fabris was good friend of her and priest Giovanni Fabris ask her to learn Greek and Latin and after some time she got very perfect positive result of learning and her dedication. she also studied philosophy, music, and theology etc.
that time some Dialogue between Christ Our Redeemer and a Devoted Soul was available in just Spanish language but as she has learned Spanish to she translate it into Italian language and this translation she dedicated to her friend priest Giovanni Fabris . this translation gives her fame from all around and after getting fame she was elected as a president of the Venetian society Accademia dei Pacifici , this was a peaceful academic for which she became president.
she receive her Ph.D degree in 1678 and she became the first woman in the world who done her Ph.D form any university . so we can say that she is inspiration for the women too.