World history notes for RAS prelims and mains exam , handwritten class notes pdf download

handwritten class notes pdf download  , World history notes for RAS prelims and mains exam , all topics of world history are covered in our notes so that you will no need to worry about anything and you will defiantly get good marks in your RAS mains exam as well as in your RAS pre exam (RPSC).

Subject Topic Sub topic or major syllabus
World history 1.       Enlightenment ü  What is Age of Enlightenment
ü  age of enlightenment literature
ü   ideas of age of enlightenment
ü  Impacts of age of enlightenment
  2.       industrial revolution Ø  What is industrial revolution
Ø  Beginning of industrial revolution
Ø  what caused the industrial revolution
Ø  effects of industrial revolution
Ø  industrial revolution in England
Ø  industrial revolution and the rise of socialism
  3.       French revolution v  beginning of French revolution
v  what was the causes of french revolution (short term and long term causes)
v  rise of napoleon and his reforms
v  what was the effect of French revolution on france and Europe
  4.       vienna congress and revolution of 1830 and 1848        french revolution of 1830 and 1848
vienna congress
compare and contrast revolution of 1830 and 1848
  5.       nationalism and unification of Italy and Germany §  nationalism
§  unification of Italy
§  unification of Germany
§  movements in italy during unification
§  bismarck’s role in unification of germany
  6.       russian revolution o   what is russian revolution
o   causes of russian revolution
o   beginning of socialist ideas in russian
o   revolution of 1905 in Russia
o   first russian revolution 1917
o   bolshevik revolution in Russia and Bolshevik reforms
o   second revolution of russia in 1917
o   new economic policy of lenin
o   five year plan of stalin
o   impact of russian revolution on the world + Russia
  7.       rise of fascism ·         fascism
·         rise of fascism in Italy
·         objectives or goals of fascism in Italy
·         achievements of fascism
·         what is weimar republic
·         rise of nazi party in germany
·         hitler’s rise to power
·         hitler’s foreign policy
  8.       world wars ü  causes of world war 1
ü  german responsibility for ww1 (world war 1)
ü  treaty of Versailles 1919
ü  results of world war 1
ü  reasons behind world war 2
ü  results of world war 2
  9.       cold war Ø  causes of cold war
Ø  development of cold war (how did cold war develop)
Ø  end of cold war
  10.   league of nations and united nations v  what is league of nations
v  what is united nations
v  success and failure of league of nations
v  objectives of united nations
v  league of nations and united nations compare and contrast (differences)
v  positive and negative effects of united nations
  11.   history of USA (united states of america)       english colonies in America (USA)
reasons of american revolution
declaration of independence in America
constitutional crisis in united states of America that led to the revolution
american war of independence and it’s importance
american civil war
  12.   history of japan and china (history of asia) §  basic introduction to Japanese history
§  emperor  meiji restoration in japan
§  westernization of japan
§  imperialism of japan
§  rise of nationalism in china
§  rise of communist party in china
§  nation building of china (from 1949 to 1953 AD)
  13.   middle east history o   basic History of the Middle East
o   what is sykes picot agreement
o   what is Zionism
o   birth of Israel
o   balfour declaration
o   discuss suez canal crisis
  14.   latin american history ·         colonisation in latin America
·         revolt in latin America
·         independence of latin America
·         what was the monroe doctrine
·         industrialisation in latin America
  15.   history of africa ü  european colonization in Africa
ü  causes of colonization in Africa
ü  why were european countries able to colonize Africa very easily
ü  partition of africa causes and effects
ü  nationalism in Africa
ü  colonialism in Africa
ü  impacts of colonialism in Africa
ü  independent Africa – after 1950 AD
ü  problems occurred in development of africa after independence
  16.   colonization and decolonization v  european colonization
v  reasons of development of new imperialism
v  why eropion give up their colonies or empires
v  what is decolonization
v  causes of decolonization
v  effects of decolonization
v  why did decolonization occur after ww2


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