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Which of the following is not an antipyretic ? (1) Aspirin (2) Paracetamol (3) Barbituric acid (4) Phenacetin

By   July 6, 2022

Question :  Which of the following is not an antipyretic ?

(1) Aspirin

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(2) Paracetamol

(3) Barbituric acid

(4) Phenacetin

Answer : In all above options the correct answer is “(3) Barbituric acid”

Explanation of answer : antipyretics are those medicines or substances which are used to reduced fever or to control body temperature. common examples of antipyretic are Aspirin and paracetemol , the Phenacetin also come under this category because this is also used to remain body temperature normal level. But Barbituric acid is commonly used as sedatives (tranquilizer). so Barbituric acid does not come under antipyretic category.

In short we can say that Aspirin and paracetemol are antipyretics. Phenacetin is a very moderate and safe antipyretic , whereas barbituric acid acts as an antipyretic tranquilizer.