Chemically heroin is ______ ? (1) morphinediacetate. (2) morphinemonoacetate. (3) morphinedibenzoate. (4) morphinemonobenzoate.

Question : Chemically heroin is ______ ?

(1) morphine diacetate.

(2) morphine monoacetate.

(3) morphine di benzoate.

(4) morphine mono benzoate.

Answer : In all above options the correct answer is “(1) morphinediacetate. ”

explanation of the answer : when acetylation of morphine is done as resultant product the Heroin is occurred. here the Heroin is a semisynthetic product obtained.  this heroin is also called as diamorphine or diacetylmorphine that is why we have given the answer (1) morphine diacetate. because Chemically heroin is a morphine diacetate. 

chemical reaction is shown in figure below of morphine to heroin conversion , how we get the heroin from the morphine diacetate .

after seeing the reaction we can say that heroin is 3,6-diacetyl derivative of morphine. the heroin is work as neurostimulator. it means the heroin is used as different type of pain movement disorders that is why we have called it neurostimulator. when heroin is used some common symptoms occurred like increased respiration, loss of appetite etc. so we can say that It is a derivative of morphine and therefore of opium.