Verbal Deduction | verbal deduction questions for gate pdf | logical deduction questions for cat

Verbal  Deductions and verbal deduction questions for gate pdf | logical deduction questions for cat ?
                                                      Unit exercise    
Directions (Q. nos. 1 – 15) in each question, a set of six statements is given, following by four answer choices. each of the answer choice  has a combination of three statements from the given set of six statements. you are required to identify the answer choice in which the statements are logically related.

  1. A. actors know english.
  2. he does not know english.
  3. he is not an actor.
  4. he is not an actor.
  5. he knows hindi.
  6. he should know english.

(a) ABD
(b) AEF
(d) ACF

  1. A. some building may have rain.
  2. forests have building.
  3. cities have forests.
  4. forests have monkeys.
  5. forests have rain.
  6. cirties have rain

(a) CDE
(b) AFC
(d) EBA

  1. A. all beaters cheat.
  2. all teacher cheat.
  3. some cheaters cheat.
  4. some teachers beat.
  5. some teachers beat and cheat.
  6. some beaters cheat.

(a) AFC
(b) BDE
(d) FAB

  1. A. cricketers are politicians.
  2. rigging is happening now.
  3. rigging precedes electrons.
  4. elections precede cricket.
  5. elections will happen next.
  6. rigging is done by cricketers.

(a) BEC
(b) CBE
(c) ACF
(d) DCF

  1. A. soem people are corrupt.
  2. power corrupts with time.
  3. he is powerful.
  4. corrupt people have power.
  5. he is corrupt.
  6. some people have power.

(a) CBE
(b) CEB
(c) FAD
(d) ADF

  1. A. moon has a stellite.
  2. moon is a planet.
  3. some planets have satellites.
  4. moon is earth’s satellite.
  5. earth is moon’s satellite.
  6. moon may have a satellite.

(a) CBA
(b) CBF
(c) CDB
(d) AEF

  1. A. krishnan and vinod are friends.
  2. vinod likes krishann and vice – versa.
  3. krishanan likes vinod.
  4. friends are enemies.
  5. friends have mutual liking.
  6. vinod is krishnan’s enemy.

(a) CEA
(b) FED
(c) AEC
(d) EAB

  1. A. some students study biology.
  2. no student study history.
  3. some students study biology and history.
  4. some students study history.
  5. all students study biology
  6. all students study history.

(a) EDC
(b) ABE
(c) CDE
(d) CDB

  1. A. all cows are goats
  2. no goats are dogs.
  3. no goats are cows.

D . no goats are dogs.

  1. all cows are dogs.
  2. all dogs and cows.

(a) FAB
(b) ABE
(c) AFB
(d) ABF

  1. A. students play football.
  2. football keeps you mentally alert.
  3. cricket is an evil game.
  4. b, who is a student, must be mentally alert.
  5. a and b are friends.
  6. friends play cricket.

(a) DEB
(b) ABD
(c) DEF
(d) BCD

  1. A. pill is a capsule.
  2. no capsules are pills.
  3. some medicines are capsules.
  4. some pills are medicines.
  5. all pills are medicines.
  6. some medicines are not capsules.

(a) ADF
(b) BEF
(c) ACD
(d) CDB

  1. A. if you are R you have to be D.
  2. all D is R.
  3. no S is R.
  4. all S is R.
  5. if you are D, you are not S.
  6. R and D are friends

(a) BDF
(b) ACE
(c) CBD
(d) ACF

  1. A. A is taller than B.
  2. A and B play golf.
  3. C is shorter than B, but taller than D.
  4. Golf and cricket are outdoor games.
  5. C is the second shortest.
  6. all outdoor games require energy.

(a) ABC
(b) ACE
(c) ADF
(d) FBD

  1. A. all roses have thorns.
  2. all roses have nectar.
  3. all plants with nectar have thorns.
  4. all shrubs have roses.
  5. all shrubs have nectar.
  6. some roses have thorns.

(a) BEF
(b) BCF
(c) BDE
(d) ACF

  1. A. no spring is a season.
  2. some seasons are springs.
  3. some seasons are autumns.
  4. no seasons are autumns.
  5. some springs are not autumns.
  6. all springs are autumns.

(a) DFA
(b) BEF
(c) CEB
(d) DEB
Directions (Q. nos. 16 – 18) in each question four sats of three statements are given. you have to identify whether the three sentence in each of these sets are logically related.

  1. A all coins are leaves. some leaves are pens. some coins are pens.
  2. mangoes contain allergen. magan are mangoes. magan may have allergy.
  3. USA is a security council member. UK is a security council member. all security council members are not from the asian countries.
  4. X is Y”s mother. all daughters wear sock. Y wares socks.

(a) A and B
(b) B and D
(c) B
(d) D

  1. A. ram is a good by rawan is good boy. ram likes rawan.
  2. some scientists are magicians. all magicians are emotional. all scientists are emotional.
  3. some fools are intelligent. some who are intelligent are great. some fools are great.
  4. all pilots are trained. all who are trained are professional. all pilots are professional.

(a) B
(b) C
(c) A
(d) D

  1. A he is either a cricketer or a footballer. he is cricketer. he is a footballer.
  2. subroto has impeccable manners. managers have impeccable manners. subroto is a manager.
  3. something from mars are cows. nothing from mars is real. cows from mars are unreal.
  4. all rats are dirty. dirty leads to disease. rats are not diseased.

(a) A and C
(b) B and C
(c) C
(d) D
Directions (Q. nos. 19 – 23) in eact question a main statement is followed by four statement : A, B, C, and D  choose the ordered pair of statement

  1. A and B cannot be selected if X and Y are selected in that order.
  2. A and B are selected.
  3. X and Y are not selected in that order.
  4. y and X are selected in that order.
  5. A and B are not selected.

(a) CA
(b) BC
(c) AB
(d) AD

  1. vinod is either a poet or a doctor.
  2. vinod is a poet.
  3. vinod is doctor.
  4. vinod is an engineer.
  5. vinod is not a poet.

(a) AB
(b) CD
(c) CA
(d) DB

  1. he has cold every time he plays.
  2. he did not play.
  3. he had cold.
  4. he did not have cold.
  5. he played.

(a) CA
(b) BD
(c) AC
(d) BA

  1. all Ps are QS, all QS are not PS.
  2. all DS are PS.
  3. all DS are QS.
  4. all QS are not DS.
  5. all QS are PS.

(a) DA
(b) AC
(c) CA
(d) None of these

  1. if and only if manu goes to a movie, then sonu would go for a party.
  2. sonu went for a party.
  3. sonu did not go for a party.
  4. manu did not go for a movie.
  5. manu went to a movie.

(a) AD
(b) CB
(c) BC
(d) both (a) and (b)
Directions (Q. nos. 24 – 26) each question contains four arguments of three statements each. choose the set in which third statement is a logical conclusion of the first two.

  1. A. all ts and squares. all squares are rectangular. all ts are rectangular.
  2. some fat are elongated. some elongated things are huge. some fat are huge.
  3. idiots are bumblers. bumblers fumble. idiots fumble.
  4. water is good health. health food are rare. water is rare.

(a) D only
(b) C only
(c) both A and C
(d) all of these

  1. if T has juice today, N will have horlicks.
  2. T is drinking juice.
  3. N is drinking tea.
  4. T is not drinking juice.
  5. N is drinking horlicks.

(a) AC
(b) BC
(c) CB
(d) CD

  1. R will go out with S wears black clothes.
  2. R went out with S.
  3. R did not go with S.
  4. S wore a purple dress.
  5. S wore black clothes.

(a) BC
(b) CB
(c) AC
(d) AB
Directions (Q. Nos. 27 – 30) each question consists of five statements followed by options consisting of three statement put together in a specific order. choose the option which indicates a valid argument, that is where the thrid statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two statements.

  1. either the orangutan is not angry, or he frowns upon the world.
  2. the orangutan fromns upon the world.
  3. the orangutan is not angry.
  4. the orangutan does not frwon upon the wourld.
  5. the orangutan is angry.

(a)CB only
(b) DA only
(c) AB only
(d) CB and DA

  1. either ravana is a demon, or he is a hero.
  2. ravana is a hero.
  3. ravana is a demon.
  4. revana is not a demon.
  5. revana is not a hero.

(a) CD only
(b) BA only
(c) CD and BA
(d) DB and CA

  1. A. A traffic congestion increases carbon monoxide in the enviroment.
  2. increase in carbon monoxide is hazardous to health.
  3. traffic congestion is hazardous to health.
  4. some traffic congestion does not cause increased carbon monoxide.
  5. some traffic congestion is not hazardons to health.

(a) CBA
(b) BDE
(c) CDE
(d) BAC
Answers With Solutions

  1. (d) actors know english + he is an actor > he should know english. hence, ACF are logically related to one another.
  2. (d) forests have building is type proposition and can be converted into some buildings have forests.

now, some buildings have forests + forests have rain = some buildings may have rain (I + A = I).hence, EBA are logically related.

  1. (b) if all teachers cheat and some teachers beat = some teachers beat and cheat (As shown in the shaded portion) hence, BDF are logically related.
  2. (b) clearly, if rigging precedes elections and rigging is happening now, then it implies that” elections will happen next”
  3. (d) I +A = I. some people are corrupt + corrupt people have power = some people have power.
  4. (b) clearly, if we consider CBF, then either moon may have a satellite or not have a satellite.
  5. (d) EAB are logically related.
  6. (a) if we consider EDC, then shaded portion shows some students study biology and history.
  7. (b) A + A = A. hence, all cows are goats + all goats are dogs = all cows are dogs. hence, ABE are logically related.
  8. (b) students play football + football keeps you mentally alert = B, who is a student, must be mentally alert. hence, ABD are logically related.
  9. (b) considering BEF, no capsules are pills + all pills are medicines = no capsules are medicines = some medicines are not capsules. hence BEF are logicaly related.
  10. (b) considering AEC, if X = R = D # S > S # R. hence, AEC are logically related.
  11. (b) combining A and C, we get A > B > C > D = C is the second shortest. hence, ACE are logically related.
  12. (c) considering BDE, we find that to draw conclusion from BD, they have to recordered as DB, i.e., all shrubs have roses + all roses have nectar = all shrubs have nectar (A + A = A). Hence BDE are logically related.
  13. (a) considering DFA, to draw conclusion from DF, they have to be aligned and reordered as all springs are autumus + no autumns are seasons (After converting) = no spring is season. hence, DFA are logically related.
  14. (c) set of satements given by C is valid.
  15. (d) A + A = A. Hence, all pilots are trained + all who are trained are professional = all pilots are professional.
  16. (c) set of statements given by C is logically valid.
  17. (c) the reverse logic holds good here, both condition are negated.
  18. (d) both B and D have to be satisfied to meet the condition in the question,
  19. (a) cald definitely follows play . hence, ‘no cold’ means ‘no play’.
  20. (b) clearly, AC follows.
  21. (d) clearly, both (a) and (b) follow.
  22. (c) A + A = A. hence, both A and C follow.
  23. (b) it is clear from the statements that if N have any thing other than horlick then T will not have juice. hence, both BC follow.
  24. (a) it isgiven that R will go with S only if S wears black clothes, hence R id not go with S = S wore a purple dress.
  25. (d) option (d) CB and DA follow from the statement.
  26. (d) if the statement is of the type – either A ro B, then conclusion will always be of the nature if not A then B ro if not B then A.

in the question, it is given that either ravana is a demon or he is a hero. it means, (if) ravana is not a demon (then) ravana is a hero. hence, BD and CA follow.

  1. (d) C is the conclusion of statement B and A.
  2. (a) considering option (a) CEA, we find that if all sweets are tasty and no apple is tasty then it means that apples are not sweets.

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