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The following compound is used as ___ ? (1) antiseptic. (2) antibiotic. (3) analgesic. (4) pesticide.

By   July 6, 2022

Question : The following compound is used as ____ ?

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(1) antiseptic. (2) antibiotic.

(3) analgesic. (4) pesticide.

answer : The correct answer from all above options is  (3) analgesic.

Explanation of answer : in the given figure the compound structure is given of aspirin which chemical formula is C₉H₈O₄ and structure is given above. other name of aspirin is Acetylsalicylic acid.

aspirin is come under the category of analgesic , because it reduced mild to moderate pain like headaches etc.

It is aspirin which is a non-narcotic analgesic used to prevent heart attacks and relieving skeletal pain. It is also used as antipyretic.

antiseptic is used to treat wound and cut , antibiotic is use to cure different type of infections and pesticide is used to control pests that is why we have given the answer (3) analgesic because this is used as painkiller or to reduced fever.