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Antiallergy drugs are _____ ? (1) antimicrobials. (2) antihistamines. (3) antivirals. (4) antifungals.

By   July 6, 2022

Question :  Antiallergy drugs are _____ ?

(1) antimicrobials.

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(2) antihistamines.

(3) antivirals.

(4) antifungals.

Answer : In all above options the correct answer is (2) antihistamines.

Explanation of answer : Antihistamines are drugs used to reduce allergy caused by proteins that is why we have given (2) antihistamines as correct answer.

antimicrobials are those substances which kills microorganisms or stops microorganisms growth.

antivirals is a class which consists substances which are used for treating different types of viral infections.

antifungals are those substances which kill or stop the growth of fungi , fungi is the plural form of fungus.

antihistamines is a class of those substances which are used to treat symptoms of different types of allergies. that why we have given this as our correct answer. because this is Antiallergy drug.