Which of the following is used as a local anesthetic agent ?

Question : Which of the following is used as a local anesthetic agent ?

(1) Diazepam

(2) Procaine

(3) Mescaline

(4) Seconal

Answer : The correct answer from all above options is (2) Procaine.

Explanation of answer : anesthetic are those substances which are used to control pain , anesthetic agent are those drugs or medicines which prevent a patient from feeling pain during medical procedures for example during surgery. when a patient is get this drug and during it’s effect the patient is called anesthetized. Procaine come under the category anesthetic¬† that is why we have said that Procaine is a local anesthetic drug , this is the drug of the amino ester group. this is used to reduced the pain during medical procedures like surgery or some other type medical treatment.

anasthetic can be categorized as –

(1) General anasthetic

(b) Local anasthetic

(1) General anasthetic : those substances which effect all the body parts together it means these drugs unconsciousness all over the body , common example of General anasthetic are N2‚ÄčO and chloroform.

(b) Local anasthetic : this is the second type of anasthetic , and these type of drugs effect only some specific parts of our body where the drug is ejected for example Xylocaine, Procain etc.

that is why the correct answer of above question is Procaine.