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The antibiotic used for the treatment of typhoid is ____ ?

By   July 7, 2022

Question :  The antibiotic used for the treatment of typhoid is

(1) penicillin.

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(2) chloramphenicol.

(3) terramycin.

(4) sulphadiazine.

answer : From all above options the correct answer is “(2) chloramphenicol.” chloramphenicol is a specific antibiotic used for the treatment of typhoid.

explanation of answer : typhoid is a type of fever. this is a type of bacterial infection which affect several parts of body or we can say several organs effected by typhoid (fever) (infection). and chloramphenicol a type of medication which is used to treat bacterial infections like typhoid (fever). chloramphenicol is a type of antibiotic . chemical formula of chloramphenicol is given by “C11H12Cl2N2O5” and it’s molar mass is 323.132 g/mol. so in short we can say that typhoid is a fever or a type of infection which need an antibiotic for which we consumed chloramphenicol as treatment.