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2-Acetoxybenzoic acid is used as an ____ ?

By   July 7, 2022

Question :  2-Acetoxybenzoic acid is used as an ______ ?

(1) antimalarial.

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(2) antidepressant.

(3) antiseptic.

(4) antipyretic.

Answer : From all above options the correct answer is “(4) antipyretic.” as know that the IUPAC name for aspirin is 2-Acetoxybenzoic acid and 2-Acetoxybenzoic acid or aspirin is used as an antipyretic , antipyretic is used for reducing fever or to keep body temperature during fever. It is also used as an analgesic. analgesic are those medicines or drugs which are used to get relieve in different type of pain. so it is basically reduced the body temperature during fever that is why we have given 2-Acetoxybenzoic acid is antipyretic.

chemical formula for 2-Acetoxybenzoic acid or aspirin is “C₉H₈O₄” and also it contains 180.158 g/mol molar mass.  aspirin melting point is given as 135 °C and this aspirin is works as antipyretic means in treatment of fever.