rajasthan geography notes in english for RAS / IAS / UPSC , syllabus of geography of rajasthan

syllabus of geography of rajasthan , rajasthan geography notes in english for RAS / IAS / UPSC for prelims and mains exam , handwritten class notes :-
If we are talking about the geography of rajasthan pdf in English language for RAS , IAS , UPSC and other important exams like SSC , 10+2 , SSC GD , bank PO , 1st grade , 2nd grade , 3rd grade teaching REET etc. exams than it means we are studying all the chapters and what topics I these chapters are important for your competition exam point of view , we will provide all the information chapter wise of rajasthan geography for RAS mains and prelims exam , again for further and deep study to score good I your competition exams , we will classified all the chapters in their topics and than we will study about these topics very deeply so that you can understand geography of rajasthan for RAS / IAS / UPSC prelims and mains exam .
We will provide information about each and every topic in detail so that when you will learn about the topic , you will be learn the whole rajasthan geography very easily , we will cover all the subtopic on every topic so that you will understand what you should study as per your RPSC and UPSC syllabus for respective RAS and IAS exams .
If we are suggesting you to study it means that is part of your geography RAS syllabus or that is the base part of your rajasthan geography , on this way you will understand the geography is very effective way , so you do not need to worry about the notes as per your RPSC syllabus , we have tried to provide you best content in whole rajasthan well as in whole india . we divide all rajasthan geography syllabus for RAS and IAS etc. exams into 20-30 units and after that we studied all the unit in detail by saying topics in these units . we have studied the rajasthan geography for RAS in all the dimensions so that we can cover all the topics for your mains exam or subjective exam also , that is why we can say that we tried that all the questions appeared in your RAS or IAS mains exams will come into our notes.
We are providing you best notes for free , never think if these notes are available free on internet it means these are not useful for your exam , think twice before it that our team tried to provide the RAS content for free so that financial poor students also can qualify the exam without having any coaching from expensive institute , we want to make your concepts very strong in rajasthan geography so you have to read our these notes again and again , no question will be out from our notes as we expect to our team.
For having reference we discuss about the topic with our experienced team and we also took the reference from standard books of rajasthan geography , on this way we tried to provide you errorless data and updated data in geography . we also use current affairs related to geography of Rajasthan so that you will get updated data which is very helpful in your current exams , sometimes in your objective or subjective exams , the board or the examiner asked from some current geography portion , so we try to keep you up to date , although that is part of your current affairs but when you will learn it here you will get deep knowledge about it. For current topic in rajasthan geography , we took reference from newspapers , data provided by rajasthan government on their respective government website and also we refer current affair books etc , so that we can keep you up to date in your favorite Rajasthan geography subject .
Some portion of geography of rajasthan for RAS and other competition exams is static , it means that part of geography does not change with time , like any theories related to geography etc, this static part of geography we have designed very standardly from taking reference from very high standard and authorized book from RPSC and UPSC so that you will score good In your subjective mains exam.
Our notes are designed very carefully so these notes will be supplement for the aspirants for IAS/RAS exams , so keep study our notes and revise these notes again and again.
If we see as per any of rajasthan competition or RAS , IAS and other competitive exams like SSC or railways , rajasthan geography is very essential subject so we can not take it lightly and cant compromise by skipping this subject or can not study this subject lightly because it has good portion and importance in RAS pre and mains exam point of view . In out RAS prelims and mains exam has good weightage of marks and you know very well that some little marks can slide your result very far so can not take it in light way.
Now a days the RPSC (board which conducts RAS exams) and the UPSC (board which conducts IAS/IFS etc exams) have changed some pattern and they probably pick some questions from current events and also rajasthan geography also that subjects where the current event question can be pick up by the RPSC and UPSC , but do not worry we will try to update all the current affairs or current event related to rajasthan geography will be added to our notes so that you will be up to date and can answer the rajasthan geography related to current events. Now one question might come to your mind that which type of questions will occurs in Rajasthan geography from current events ? okay .. let us suppose some government of Rajasthan state start some new oil refinery project , somewhere in rajasthan , so question can be asked like where recently rajasthan government started a new oil refinery or what is budget for it or what is the place name where this oil refinery situated or what is the capacity of production of this oil refinery or when it get started , etc. types of questions can occur , keep in mind that this just an example , but this type of current event question from rajasthan geography can be asked in your RAS / IAS prelims and mains exam.
When you read about the current affairs than it is well known that we need to put more efforts to study about the current events but in rajasthan geography , our team will try to keep your data of geography very up to date , in some portion of rajasthan geography , it means the portion of data related . this portion may vary with time like population data , literacy data etc.  this type of data probably found wrong in books because they can not change the data instantly but here we will try to update the data on time to time , if you found some old data anywhere on the website , you can comment there about the data , we will try to update the data as soon as possible.
The syllabus of Rajasthan geography which we have designed for RAS/IAS pre and mains exam is given below  and we have tried to explain all the topics in very easy language .
Rajasthan geography Notes for RAS / IAS prelims and mains :

  • Explain the origin of rajasthan
  • Study of position and extension of rajasthan state
  • physical divisions of rajasthan in detail
  • detail study of climate of Rajasthan
  • drainage system or rivers of rajasthan state
  • major lakes of rajasthan
  • important irrigation projects in rajasthan
  • major minerals of rajasthan
  • study about the vegetation of rajasthan
  • about the wildlife conservation (major wildlife sanctuary and national park in rajasthan)
  • agriculture in rajasthan
  • energy resources in rajasthan (wind , solar etc.)
  • population of rajasthan
  • animal wealth of rajasthan state
  • industrial development in rajasthan (different bodies)

Now we understand these chapters into topics , it means we study this rajasthan geography syllabus in deep as given below.

Chapter Topics
1.       origin of rajasthan Formation of rajasthan
2.       position and extension of rajasthan ·         latitude position of rajasthan
·         longitude position of rajasthan
·         extension of rajasthan
·         area of rajasthan state
·         shape of rajasthan
·         boundaries of rajasthan (international , state boundaries)
3.       historical and physical places in rajasthan and their present position Historical places of rajasthan and their definition like thali and talli  etc.
4.       physical divisions of rajasthan ·         physical divisions on the basis of Relief and climate
·         north western desert of rajasthan
·         aravalli mountain range in rajasthan
·         east plain of rajasthan
·         south eastern plateau of rajasthan or haroti
5.       climate of rajasthan ·         what is climate
·         which type of climate found in rajasthan
·         classification of climate
·         climate season classification
6.       drainage system or major rivers of Rajasthan ·         Arabian rivers
·         inflow rivers of rajasthan
·         outflow rivers of rajasthan
7.       lakes of rajasthan ·         fresh (sweet) water lake in rajasthan
·         saltwater lake in rajasthan
8.       agriculture projects ·         sources of agriculture
·         classification of agriculture of rajasthan
9.       minerals of rajasthan ·         rajasthan point of view minerals
·         minerals rocks in rajasthan
·         classification of minerals
·         production of minerals
·         mineral policies in rajasthan
10.   vegetation of rajasthan  
11.   major wildlife sanctuary and national park in rajasthan  
12.   agriculture in rajasthan  
13.   energy resources in rajasthan  
14.   population and animal wealth of rajasthan  
15.   industrial development in rajasthan  


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