Nature of electricity , what is electricity, fundamental of charged particles or body

what is electricity, fundamental of charged particles or body Here know all about the Nature of electricity: electricity is the type of energy, it is useful for the different type of works. for example – we use electricity in lighting, in communication field etc.
although There is nobody who can define the electricity exactly, scientists do experiments and create some rules and laws after experiments.
it is observed that all the matters shows the electrical nature, to study briefly about the Nature of electricity, let us consider a matter.
First of all, we need to consider the structure of a matter, all the matters are made of molecules and molecules can be divided into small particles called atoms, so we can say that all the matters are made up by atoms.
before modern electron theory, atom was smallest particles of anybody or matter, but after introducing modern electron theory we can say that atom can also further divide into the central nucleus and the electrons which are moving around the central nucleus.
In other words, we can say that all the elements are being made by two parts first is nucleus and second are surrounded electrons.
The electrons are negatively charged by the magnitude of 1.60217662 × 10-19 coulombs. the nucleus also contains same magnitude charge in itself but it is positively charged.
We all know that opposite charges attract each other, so there is an attractive force exists between the electrons and nucleus.
The nucleus made of protons and neutrons, while the positive charge of nucleus found on the protons, in other words, we can say that the protons contain positive charge of the same magnitude of electron & the neutrons having no any charge so these are neutral.
generally, the number of protons & surrounded electrons are equal, that is why normally the charge on the nucleus and the electrons are equal, in this way the whole matter is called neutral.
but when atom losses an electron, the number of the proton will be more than the number of electrons. we know that the proton-containing the positive charge in this way positive charge will be more than the negative charge on the matter or body and it becomes a postively charged body or matter.
On the same way when an atom gains electrons than the number of electrons will be more than protons, so the negative charge on the body will be more than positive charge so body or matter becomes negatively charged.
Metals such as silver and copper having free electrons which are free to move inside the metal, they move in the body freely.
when an external force is applied to the body, all the electrons will move in a fix or particular direction, due to movement of electrons electricity is generated.
an insulator or non-metals having no free charge so they do not generate any electricity.

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