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analytical aptitude questions and answers with explanation pdf , Logical / Analytical Reasoning , logical reasoning questions and answers pdf , in english language ?
Logical reasoning involves puzzles in which the relationship among the groups of objects, people, cities and activities etc. is given. In such questions, a bunch of information is given that creates a puzzle in candidate’s mind. the candidates are required to keep in mind these conditions, analyse the relationship and arrange them in suitable form to answer the questions.
some basic suggestions to solve analytical reasoning questions
.  To solve these questions, students need to arrange the complicated set of information. so, read them carefully.
.  Rather using lengthy expressions, use initials and symbols to save time.
.  while reading the set of information, highlight the key words.
.  Now, arrange the set of information in list, table or diagram.
try to eliminating the answer choices, then work through the remaining choices to get the correct answer.
Directions (Q. Nos.  1 – 3) refer the data below and answer the questions that follow.
(1) P, Q, R, S, T and U are six students of lovely university out of these 3 are males and 3 are females.
(2) two of them study economics, 2 study language, one study telepathy and one study dance in the group.
(3) Q, T, R, and P are two married couples, each having different subject of study.
(4) T, a telepathy student, wear a black gown, is married to a language student who is in a brown suit.
(5) 2 people wear black clothes, 2 wear brown clothes and the remaining people wear blue and gray each.
(6) both husbands and both wives wear the same coloured clothes respectively.
(7) P is a male economic student and s is his twin sister who is also an economic student.
(8) Q is a dancer.
Example 1. which of the following are the two married ladies?
(a) T & R
(b) Q & R
(c) Q & T
(d) R & S
Example 2. who are the married couples?
(a) PT, QR
(b) PQ, TR
(c) PR, QT
(d) None of these
Example 3. what colour dress does the unmarried lady wear?
(a) Black
(b) Grey
(c) Blue
(d) Grey or Blue
Sol. (Q. nos. 1 – 3)

  1. (c) T is married to R and Q is married to P.
  2. (b) S is unmarried female and U is unmarried male.
  3. (d) colour of dress of both unmarried person is not known but is grey or blue.

Directions (Q. Nos. 1 – 5) read the given information carefully and answer the questions.
P, Q, R, S, T and U are 6 friends, among them there are 2 married couples (and rest unmarried) and pursue 6 different professions. i.e., advocate, medico, teacher, editor, counsellor and housewife.
(1) S is the housewife and is married to the medico.
(2) R is an editor.
(3) P, who is married to the teacher, is an advocate.
(4) Q is not the teacher and T is unmarried.

  1. how many female members are there in the group?

(a) 2
(b) 1
(c) 3
(d) cannot be determined

  1. who among the following is the teacher?

(a) T
(b) U
(c) Q
(d) None of these

  1. what is the profession of t?

(a) medico
(b) teacher
(c) counsellor
(d) none of these

  1. who among the follwing are the unmarried members of the group?

(a) t and r
(b) u and r
(c) t and u
(d) none of these

  1. the married couples are

(a) q – s and p – r
(b) p – u and q – s
(c) p – u and q – r
(d) r – u and p – t
Directions (Q. Nos. 6 – 10) read the following information carefully and answer the question given below.
A, B, C, D, E and F and 6 members of a family in which there are three generations and two married couples. all 6 members of the family are involved in 6 different professions i.e., CA, musician, magician, businessman, housewife and accountant.
(1) E is married to A who a CA.
(2) D, who is a housewife, is the mother of A.
(3) B is the grandfather of C who is a musician.
(4) E, who is the father of the musician, is not a buinessman.
(5) F, is the granddaughter of D and is a magician.

  1. which of the family members is the businessman?

(a) b
(b) e
(c) c
(d) none of these

  1. what is the profession of e?

(a) megician
(b) musician
(c) accountant
(d) none of these

  1. how many female members are there in the family?

(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) can’t be determined

  1. who is the husband of the housewife?

(a) c
(b) b
(c) f
(d) none of these

  1. how is c related to f?

(a) sister
(b) brother
(c) father
(d) can’t be determined
Directions (Q. Nos. 11 – 12) a combination of three paintings is being chosen in an exhibition. the paintings must be chosen from a group of seven paintigs – A, B, C, D,E, F, and G according to the following conditigs.
(1) if a or b is chosen, the other must also be chosen.
(2) c and d cannot be chosen together.
(3) either c or a or both must be chosen.

  1. if D is chosen which of the following pairs of paintings must also be chosen?

(a) A and B
(b) A and G
(c) B and c
(d) C and E

  1. if E is chosen, which of the following pairs of paintings conld also be chosen?

(a) A and c
(b) A and F
(c) B and C
(d) C and F
Directions (Q. Nos. 13 – 17) five men and one woman, named pratibha including a geologst, were recently invited as experts to an internation conference held at dubai on the state of global warming. read the following statements carefully to answer the questions.
(1) kamal debated lala and the meteorologist at the beginning of the conference.
(2) pratibha is not the physicist.
(3) manav is not an urban planner.
(4) jay is neither the metrologist.
(5) at the end of the conference, the six experts had a general discussion around a table. the debaters were the physicist, kamal, jay the zoologist, the male urban planner and prakash.

  1. which of the following combinations is not correct?

(a) jay – geologist
(b) manav – physicist
(c) pratibha – zoologist
(d) lala – biologist

  1. which of the following combinations is correct?

(a) lala – physicist
(b) kamal – urban planner
(c) manav – physicst
(d) pratibha – geologist

  1. which of the following is the profession of prakash?

(a) biologist
(b) metrologist
(c) zoologist
(d) physicist

  1. who is the geologist?

(a) pratibha
(b) kamal
(c) prakash
(d) none of these

  1. what is the profession of the only female member in the group?

(a) biologist
(b) geologist
(c) zoologist
(d) physicist

  1. somebody had taken the last chocolate from the box, much to the annoyance of the other three. every one has given one statement, regarding the happening

anjali – bharti took the last chocolate,”
bharti – ” dalip took the last chocolate.”
chander – ” who, me? can’t be”
dalip – ” bharti is lying when says i took the chocolate.”
who could have taken it, given that only one of the given statements is true?
(a) anjali
(b) bharti
(c) chander
(d) dalip
Directions (Q.Nos. 19 – 23) read the following information carefully and answer the questions.
five dramas A, B, C, D, and E have to be staged in 6 h where 1 h needs to be given per drama.
(1) a break of 1 h has to be taken in the third or fourth hour.
(2) drama show cannot be started with A and has to end in C.
(3) D has to follow B immediately with no break in between.
(4) A cannot be done immediately after D.
(5) A has to precede E immediately with no break in between.

  1. which hour is the break hour?

(a) 3rd
(b) 4th
(c) 5th
(d) none of these

  1. which is the drama to be staged first?

(a) d
(b) a
(c) b
(d) none of these

  1. which is the drama staged immediately after the break?

(a) d
(b) a
(c) b
(d) none these

  1. which drama is staged immediately after d?

(a) b
(b) e
(c) c
(d) none these

  1. which drama is staged immediately after e?

(a) a
(b) e
(c) c
(d) none these
Directions (Q. Nos. 24 – 26) sum of the marks of four sisers A, B, C, and D, is 45. when 2 is added to the marks of A, 2 is subtracted from the marks of B, 2 is multiplied to the marks of C and the marks of D is divided by 2, the teacher get the same number.

  1. who scored highest marks?

(a) a
(b) d
(c) b
(d) data insufficient

  1. who scored lowest marks?

(a) c
(b) a
(c) d
(d) data insufficient

  1. what is the total marks of b?

(a) 14
(b) 16
(c) data insufficient
(d) none these

  1. my bag can carry no more than ten books. i must carry at least one book each of management, mathematics, physics and fiction. also, for every management book i carry i must carry two or more fiction books and for every mathematics book i carry i must carry two or more physics books. i earn 4, 3, 2 and 1 points for each management, mathematics, physics and fiction book , respectively, i carry in my bag i want to maximize the points, i can earn by carring the most appropriate combinatio of books in my bag. the maximum points that i can earn are

(a) 20
(b) 21
(c) 22
(d) 23
Answers With Solutions
For Q. 1 to 5
S – housewife x medico (from 1)
R – editor (form 2)
P – advocate x teacher (form 3)
U – teacher – married to p (form 4 and deduction)
Q  – medico – married to s (form 4, 1 and deduction)
T – counsellor – unmarried (from 4 and deduction)
R – editor – unmarried (from 2 and deduction)
So, the final table would be like
P = advocate married to teacher u.
Q = medico married to housewife s.
R = unmarried editor.
S = housewife married to medico Q.
T= unmarried counsellor.
u = teacher married to advocate p.

  1. (d) as sex of unmarried frirnds is not given, so number of female members cannot be determined.
  2. (b) u is the teacher.
  3. (c) t is the counsellor.
  4. (a) t and r are the unmarried members of the group.
  5. (b) p is married to u and Q is married to s.

for Q. no. 6 to 10

  1. (a) b is the businessman.
  2. (c) e is the accountant.
  3. (d) as the sex of c is not given, so number of female mrmber cannot be determined.
  4. (b) d is the housewife and the husband of d is b
  5. (d) as the sex of c is not given, so the relationship of c to f cannot be determined.
  6. (a) if d is chosen, then a &b must be chosen.
  7. (d) if e is chosen, then c & f could also be chosen.

for Q. no. 13 to 17

  1. (d) lala – biologist is not corrcause lala is urban planner.
  2. (c) manav – physicist is the correct combination.
  3. (b) pralash is metrologist.
  4. (d) jay is geologist.
  5. (c) only female member is pratbha and she is zoologist.
  6. (c) in the given statements, only the matement of dalip is true. so chander took the last chocolate.

For Q. no. 19 to 23
from (3) from (1) from (2) & (5)
from (5) = a e must be together.
from (3) = b d must be  together.
from (1) = break must be in the third hour.

  1. (a) 3rd how is the break hour.
  2. (c) b is the drama to be staged first.
  3. (d) c is the drama staged immediately aftr the break.
  4. (c) c drama is staged immediately after d.
  5. (d) e is the last drama to be staged.

for Q. no. 24 to 26
lat the marks of A, B, C, and D, are P, Q, R and S respetively.
so,                P + Q + R + S = 45
(P + 2) = (Q – 2) =2R = S/2
Solving these we can get the answer.

  1. (b) d scored the highest marks.
  2. (a) c scored the lowest marke.
  3. (c) marks of b cannot be calculated.
  4. (c) for maximum points