iit jee notes in hindi pdf | iit jee handwritten notes in hindi pdf free download free medium

iit jee handwritten notes in hindi pdf free download free medium iit jee notes in hindi pdf.

IIT JEE main and advance Physics notes | chapter wise physics pdf notes | download topics

IIT JEE main & JEE advance physics chapter wise notes as per 11th  class –

Chapter no. Chapter’s / unit name
Chapter 1 Physical world
Chapter 2 Units and Measurements
Chapter 3 Motion in a Straight Line
Chapter 4 Motion in a Plane
Chapter 5 Laws of Motion
Chapter 6 Work, Energy  and Power
Chapter 7 System of Particles and Rotational


Chapter 8 Gravitation
Chapter 9 Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter 10 Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 12 Thermodynamics
Chapter 13 Kinetic Theory
Chapter 14 Oscillations
Chapter 15 Waves


IIT JEE main & JEE advance physics chapter wise notes as per 12th  class –

Chapter number Chapter/unit name
Chapter 1 Electric field
Chapter 2 gauss’s law and its applications
Chapter 3 Electric potential
Chapter 4 Electric capacitance
Chapter 5 Current electricity
Chapter 6 Electric circuit
Chapter 7 magnetic effect of electric current
Chapter 8 magnetism and magnetic properties materials
Chapter 9 electromagnetic induction
Chapter 10 Alternating current
Chapter 11 Ray optics
Chapter 12 Wave optics
Chapter 13 photo electric effect and matter waves
Chapter 14 Atomic physics
Chapter 15 Nuclear physics
Chapter 16 Electronics
Chapter 17 Electromagnetic waves , communication and contemporary physics


If we see 11th and 12th combined , we can divide IIT-JEE main and advance topics or chapters in 25 parts as given below

Unit Name of unit
1 Units and measurements
2 Motion in a plane
3 Laws of motion
4 Work , energy and power
5 System of particles and rotational motion
6 Gravitation
7 Mechanical properties of solids
8 Mechanical properties of fluids
9 Thermal properties of matter
10 Thermodynamics
11 Kinetic theory
12 Oscillations
13 Waves
14 Electric charges and fields
15 Electrostatic potential and capacitance
16 Current electricity
17 Moving charges and magnetism
18 Electromagnetic induction
19 Alternating current
20 Electromagnetic waves
21 Ray optics and optical instruments
22 Wave optics
23 Dual nature of radiation and matter
24 Atoms
25 nuclei


As per science study branches we can divide physics in these 6 sections as given below , we have detailed chapter which contains in those specific section

Section Chapters/unit
1.       Mechanics ü  Units , dimensions and errors

ü  Vectors

ü  Motion in one and two dimensions

ü  Circular motion

ü  Newton’s laws of motion

ü  Work , power and energy

ü  Conservation of momentum

ü  Rotational motion

ü  Gravitation

ü   Interatomic forces and elasticity

ü  Hydrodynamics and properties of fluids

2.       Simple harmonic motion and waves Ø  Simple harmonic motion

Ø  Wave motion and waves in string

Ø  Sound waves


3.       Heat and thermodynamics v  Kinetic theory of gases , Calorimetery and specific heat of gases

v  Thermodynamics

v  Heat transfer processes

4.       Electrostatics and electricity ·         Electrostatics

·         Gauss’s law

·         Capacitor

·         Electricity

·         Thermal and chemical effects of current

·         Magnetic properties of substance

·         Electromagnetic induction

·         Magnetic effects of current

·         Permanent magnets

·         Alternating current

·         Electromagnetic waves

5.       Optics       Ray optics and optical instruments

Wave optics

Spectrum of light and photometry

Photoelectric effect and dual nature of matter

6.       Modern physics §  Bohr’s theory and atomic physics

§  X-rays

§  Nuclear physics

§  Semiconductors

§  Special theory of relativity

§  Principles of communications


For your easy approach IIT-JEE for main and advance examination can be study in these 34 index , we have divided complete syllabus content in 34 parts as given below –

Index number Index content
1 Units and dimensions
2 Vector quality
3 Kinematics
4 Newton’s law of motion
5 Circular motion
6 Work , energy & power
7 Centre of mass
8 Rotation
9 Gravitation
10 Simple harmonic motion
11 Fluid mechanics
12 Some mechanical properties of matter
13 Wave motion and wave on string
14 Sound waves
15 Heat , temperature and calorimetry
16 Physics for gaseous state
17 Laws of thermodynamics
18 Heat transfer
19 Reflection of light
20 Refraction of light
21 Wave optics
22 Photometry and Doppler effect
23 Electric charge
24 Gauss’s law and electric potential
25 Electric capacitor
26 Current electricity
27 Magnetic field
28 Magnetostatics
29 Electromagnetic induction
30 Alternating current and electromagnetic waves
31 Cathode rays , photoelectric effect of light and x-rays
32 Atomic structure
33 Nucleus
34 Semi conductor devices


Now we see chapters or unit classification by their topics , it means now we study IIT JEE advance and main all unit / chapter with each topic.

IIT JEE main & JEE advance physics topic wise notes as per 11th and 12th class –

12th  class topic wise IIT , NIT , JEE mains and advance physics notes

Chapter name Topics / course
1.       Electric charges and fields Electric charges , conservation of charge , coulom’s law , force between two point charges , forces between multiple charges , superposition principle and continuous charge contribution .

Electric field , electric field due to a point charge , electric field lines , electric dipole , electric field due to a dipole , torque on a dipole in uniform electric field.

Electric flux , statement of gauss’s theorem , gauss’s theorem applications to find field due to infinitely long straight wire , gauss’s theorem applications to find field due to uniformly charged infinite plane sheet and gauss’s theorem applications to find field due to uniformly charged thin spherical shell (field inside and outside )

2.       Electrostatic potential and capacitance Electric potential , potential difference , electric potential due to a point charge , a dipole and dipole system of charges , equipotential surfaces , electrical potential energy of a system of two point charges and electrical potential energy of a system of electric dipole in an electrostatics field.

Conductors and insulators , free charges and bound charges inside a conductor , dielectrics and electric polarization , capacitors and capacitance , combination of capacitors in series and in parallel , capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor with and without dielectric medium between the plates , energy stored in a capacitor