Electromotive force or E.M.F definition , unit , Example

what is definition of Electromotive force or E.M.F , unit , Example : As we know that the flow of charges create electricity or The flow of charge is called electricity.

But Do you know what is causes are there behind the flow of charges in any circuit ?
Charge does not flow in a circuit until and unless the charge forced by any force.
It means the flow of charge needs a force which can flow the charge in the circuit , To provide this force to this circuit we use different type of devices for example – Cell , battery , generator etc.
   Electromotive force (E.M.F) generate a voltage difference between two points of the circuit so that the charge can flow from high voltage point to low voltage point , and due to this flow of charge the electricity flows through the circuit or between the points.
As we know cell is used to provide emf to the circuit.
In cells the chemicals reacts and formed energy which is provide to the circuit and this energy pulled out in the circuit and the charges starting flowing in circuit.
The EMF definition is also given by ” Work done by any source to driving a unit of charge in the circuit “
EMF (Electro motive force) = work done by cell / charge
E = W/Q
S.I unit of emf is joule per coulomb (JC-1)  or volt

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