bsc 3rd yr notes in english , third year notes , download pdf of class notes all units

download pdf of bsc 3rd yr class notes all units , third year notes :-
After passed your first year and second year successfully you entered in final year of your bachelor degree in science , it means you will get admission in 3rd year. After your third year you will get your bachelors degree in science so this year also very important because after this year you will appear in several types of entrance exams to get admission in high quality colleges to get higher studies like your masters degree in science or some competitive exams to get government jobs in teaching field etc.
That is why your part 3 is also very important , here you will get all the notes of all subjects which mostly students choose in their 3rd year. You can click on the subject name and can start your studies , we have covered all the topics of all subjects , after choosing the subjects you will find all the chapters name and then the topics name so that you will get arranged data or notes for your 3rd yr (final year) .
We have covered all the syllabus as per all state university as well high university so if you want to study abroad after your bachelors degree you will find that you have much knowledge to get good marks in your entrance test to get admission in abroad universities or colleges .
Keep this thing in your mind that this is your final year so you have to study very carefully this year because if you get low marks in only one subject then you will fail in that particular subject that you will loss your 1 year only due to that one subject because you will get the chance to pass that particular subject after one year so do not take this year in lightly and start study seriously.
Here Is the list of 14 subjects which mostly choose to study In their science stream

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. Botany
  5. Zoology
  6. Geology
  7. Economics
  8. Statistics
  9. Applied statistics
  10. Electronics
  11. Psychology
  12. Geography

Click on the subject name and start reading that subject and best of luck in advance for your bright future.

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