1st yr bsc class notes , B.sc First year notes , download chapter wise pdf in english

B.sc notes first year | 1st yr bsc notes , download chapter wise pdf in english
After your higher class you get admission in b.sc as a first year student , as a bsc student the first year class is very important because when you perform good In your 1st year then you will get basics in your college so after passing 1st year when you got admission in 2nd year or 3rd year in your college you definitely score good in your next classes because of your strong basics in first year.
There are some compulsory subjects which are equally applied to all stream students like B.Sc , BA and B.com etc.
In these subjects there is no option in student’s hand because these subjects are compulsory to read all the students in all Bsc first year.
There are four compulsory subject which are given below :-

  1. General hindi
  2. General English
  3. Environmental studies
  4. Elementary computer application or basic computer knowledge

Now come to optional papers , there are some optional papers , optional papers are those paper which choice is in our hand as per our choice , it means in these subjects we choose the subject by our choice.
These optional papers are choosen by you , in which field or science stream you wanted to proceed your bachelor degree .
Here is the list of optional papers , you can choose optional paper as per your choice or interest.
Optional subjects

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. Botany
  5. Zoology
  6. Geology
  7. Economics
  8. Statistics
  9. Applied statistics
  10. Electronics
  11. Psychology
  12. Geography

Here we have updated all the first year notes for your B.sc (bachelor of science 1st yr notes in English language) , here we have given all chapter wise notes so whatever chapter you want to read you can select your choice chapter and start your first year study with effective and very important concepts , we have used very simple language in first year so that a student which comes from other medium like hindi medium can also understand very easily.
We have included all the topics of all chapters and question and their answers so that you can find all things on a single platform.

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