1005 क्या है इन हिंदी | What is 1005 in hindi information, जानकारी kya hai

article is about the year 1005.
1005 in topic Lists of leaders Birth and death categories Establishments and disestablishments categories

वर्ष 1005 (एमवी) सोमवार से शुरू होने वाला एक आम वर्ष था (लिंक पूर्ण कैलेंडर प्रदर्शित करेगा) जूलियन कैलेंडर का
आयोजन जगह से पूर्वी एशिया January 13–January 18 – The Shanyuan Treaty is negotiated between the Liao Dynasty and the Song Dynasty. The Song agrees to pay an annual tribute to the Liao. Lê Trung Tông succeeds Lê Hoàn as the emperor of Vietnam, preceding anarchy and 8 months succession war with Long Ngân and other princes. October – Long Ngân is defeated and killed in Thạch Hà, by the hands of natives. Lê Ngoạ Triều succeeds Lê Trung Tông, killing him after just three days of reign, and beginning tyrannical executions. The Shūi Wakashū is compiled (earliest possible date). यूरोप March 25 – Battle of Monzievard: Malcolm II succeeds Kenneth III as king of Scotland, killing him and his son Giric II of Scotland. Brian Boru makes a second expedition to the north, to take hostages from the northern states; during this expedition, he visits Armagh, making an offering of twenty ounces of gold to the church’ and confirming to the apostolic see of Saint Patrick, ecclesiastical supremacy over the whole of Ireland (as recorded in the Book of Armagh). Danish raids continue on southern England. Ælfric of Abingdon leaves ships to the people of Wiltshire and Kent in his will, with his best one, equipped for sixty men, going to King Æthelred II. Aeddan ap Blegywryd, Prince of Gwynedd, succeeds Cynan ap Hywel. Pomerania revolts against the church. Schaffhausen starts minting its own coins. The Republic of Pisa conducts a military offensive against the Muslim strongholds, on the coast of Calabria.जन्म June 20 – Ali az-Zahir, Fatimid caliph (d. 1036) Pope Clement II (d. 1047) Bretislaus I (last possible date; d. 1055) Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury (possible date; d. 1089) King Macbeth of Scotland (d. 1057) Bertha of Blois, Duchess consort of Brittany and a countess consort of Maine (d. c. 1080) (approximate date) Snorri Thorfinnsson, first European born in the Americas (Vineland) and later Viking chieftain (earliest possible date; d. c. 1090) लोगों की मृत्यु March 25 – King Kenneth III of Scotland (in battle) Lê Hoàn, Vietnamese emperor October – Lê Trung Tông, Vietnamese emperor November 16 – Ælfric of Abingdon, Archbishop of Canterbury Abe no Seimei, Japanese mystic Sigmundur Brestisson, Faroese chieftain (murdered) Ma Yize, Arab astronomer who worked in the Chinese Song dynasty court

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