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पट्टी क्या है इन हिंदी | What is Strip in hindi information, जानकारी kya hai

By   September 3, 2020

स्ट्रिप या स्ट्रिपिंग इसका उल्लेख कर सकते हैं:


  • Strip (Adam Ant album), 1983 pop rock album
  • “Strip” (Chris Brown song), a 2011 song by Chris Brown
  • Strip (The Chameleons album), 2000 post-punk band album
  • “The Strip” (Scarlet Pleasure song), 2014


  • Strip (comics), a comics anthology published by Marvel UK in 1990
  • Comic strip, a sequence of drawings arranged in interrelated panels to display brief humor or form a narrative
  • Sunday strip, a newspaper comic-strip format

फिल्म और टेलीविजन

  • The Strip (1951 film), a 1951 film directed by László Kardos
  • The Strip (Australian TV series), a 2008 Australian television drama series
  • The Strip (New Zealand TV series), 2002–2003 New Zealand television series
  • The Strip (U.S. TV series), 1999–2000 American action drama series
  • “The Strip” (The O.C.), a 2004 episode of The O.C. television series
  • Strip programming, a practice of running a television series at the same time daily
  • Stripping (film), a 2002 Finnish film

क्षेत्र और स्थानों

  • Aouzou Strip, a strip of land following the northern border of Chad that had been claimed and occupied by Libya
  • Caprivi Strip, narrow strip of land extending from the Okavango Region of Namibia to the Zambezi River
  • Gaza Strip, narrow strip of land along the Mediterranean, in the Middle East
  • Las Vegas Strip, section of Las Vegas Boulevard South
  • Strip District, Pittsburgh, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Sunset Strip, 1.5-mile stretch of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California, US
  • Toledo strip, formerly contested area between Ohio and Indiana; see Toledo War

अन्य उपयोग

  • Strip (Unix), Unix command
  • Stripping (chemistry), removal of one or more components from a liquid stream to a vapor stream
  • Stripping (fiber), the act of removing the protective polymer coating around optical fiber in preparation for fusion splicing
  • Stripping (linguistics), an ellipsis mechanism that elides everything from a clause except one constituent
  • Stripping (printing), preparation & assembly of printing negatives in pre-press
  • Vein stripping, a surgical procedure
  • Strip bond, a financial instrument
  • Strip steak, type of beef steak
  • Striptease, act of removing one’s clothes slowly to music
    • Stripper, a professional erotic dancer who performs a contemporary form of striptease
    • Strip club, a venue that regularly provides adult entertainment, predominantly in the form of striptease or other erotic or exotic dances
  • Airstrip, a kind of airport that consists only of a runway with perhaps fueling equipment
  • Football strip, standard attire worn while playing association football
  • Landing strip, area for the landing and takeoff of aircraft
  • Triangle strip, method for rendering computer graphics