Which set has different class of compounds ?

Question : Which set has different class of compounds ?

(1) Tranquilizers : Equanil, heroin, valium

(2) Antiseptics : Bithional, Dettol, boric acid

(3) Analgesics : Naproxen, morphine, aspirin

(4) Bactericidal : Penicillin, aminoglycosides, ofloxacin

answer : from all above options the correct answer is “(1) Tranquilizers: Equanil, heroin, valium

Explanation of answer : Bactericidal are those substances which destroy bacteria and the examples of Bactericidal are Penicillin, aminoglycosides, ofloxacin.

Analgesics are those medicines or substances which are used to relieve in different types of pain and the Naproxen, morphine, aspirin come under this category.

Antiseptics are those substances which are used to treat different type of cuts or these substances can slow down the growth of microorganisms and Bithional, Dettol, boric acid are examples of Antiseptics or we can say that Bithional, Dettol, boric acid come under Antiseptics category.

Tranquilizers are those substances or drugs or medicines which are used to treat reduce anxiety, fear, tension and some examples of Tranquilizers are Equanil,, valium but heroin is not an example of Tranquilizers that is why we have given option “(1) Tranquilizers : Equanil, heroin, valium ” for our correct answer. because Heroin is a narcotic drug.