The drug used for prevention of heart attacks is

Question : The drug used for prevention of heart attacks is

(1) aspirin.

(2) valium.

(3) chloramphenicol.

(4) cephalsporin.

Answer : from all above options the correct answer is “(1) aspirin. ” as we know that aspirin has anti clotting property that is need to reduced the possibility of heart attacks that is why aspirin used to prevent the heart attacks.

Explanation of answer : Aspirin is used for the prevention of heart attacks because of its anti-blood clotting action. aspirin that is known by it’s IUPAC name that is 2-acetoxybenzoic acid having the chemical formula “C₉H₈O₄” that contains 180.158 g/mol molar mass.

On another hand valium used to different types of diseases like anxiety, seizures etc. it means it does not for prevention of heart attacks. chloramphenicol and cephalsporin used to treat different types of infections cephalosporins used to treat both type of infection gram positive and gram negative bacteria. and the chloramphenicol is a type of antibiotic that is used to treat serious type of infections for example typhoid fever.

so we can say valium , chloramphenicol and also cephalsporin can not be used to prevent heart attack but because of anti-blood clotting actions the aspirin drug used for prevention of heart attacks.