The correct structure of tribromooctaoxide is

Question : The correct structure of tribromooctaoxide is ?

Answer : from all above options the correct answer is “(1)”

answer explanation : The correct structure of tribromo octaoxide is as follows :

that is given in option (1) , that is why we have marked this option for correct answer.

as we can see the chemical formula of tribromine octoxide is given by “Br3O8” that is why this is called tri bromine means 3 brome molecules and octoxide means 8 molecule of oxygen as shown in it’s formula or we can see in it’s structure. tribromooctaoxide does not contains any type of change it means it is a type of neutral molecule in behavior. 3 bromine atoms are bonded by single bond to each other and each bromine atom bonded with oxygen atom by double bond that we can see in the structure given above.