The biodegradable polymer is (1) Nylon-6,6 (2) Nylon-2-Nylon-6 (3) Nylon-6 (4) Buna-s

Question : The biodegradable polymer is

(1) Nylon-6,6.
(2) Nylon-2-Nylon-6.
(3) Nylon-6.
(4) Buna-s.
Answer : from all above options the correct answer is “(2) Nylon-2-Nylon-6.” it means the “Nylon-2-Nylon-6” is The biodegradable polymer and other are not biodegradable polymers that is why option (2) is correct.
answer explanation : biodegradable polymers are those polymers which can degrade easily or in other words we can say that these polymers can be decompose or break down in natural products like water , gases and can not damage the environment , it means biodegradable polymers can be called “eco friendly polymer” and Nylon-2-Nylon-6 is an example of  biodegradable polymer that is why we have marked this option as correct answer.
The formation of Nylon-2-Nylon-6 is given below , it means from this reaction Nylon-2-Nylon-6 can be obtained –