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Oral contraceptive drugs contain ____ ? (1) mestranol. (2) norethindrone. (3) Both (1) and (2).  (4) None of these.

By   July 6, 2022

Question : Oral contraceptive drugs contain ____ ?

(1) mestranol.

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(2) norethindrone.

(3) Both (1) and (2).

(4) None of these.

Answer : in all above options the correct answer is (3) Both (1) and (2).

Explanation of answer : mestranol are those medicines which are used as birth control pills or we can say that these substances can be used to prevent ovulation and pregnancy. On another hand norethindrone medicines also used to prevent pregnancy , it stops the egg to not to react with male sperm and avoid pregnancy. so we can say that  Oral contraceptive drugs contain both things first one that it controlled menstrual cycle means it regulate your cycle and it also stop ovulation process in female. that why we have given answer (3) Both (1) and (2) in correctly.

in short we can say Oral contraceptive drugs are progesterone derivatives which are used for the control of menstrual cycle or regulate the menstrual cycle and to sup press ovulation in female.