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Did she repent her hasty action? How does she show her repentance ?

By   May 10, 2023

Question 5. Did she repent her hasty action? How does she show her repentance ?

Answer : When she took the fast action not taking any real facts then she repent her hasty action. She must see first their child baby after seeing all things than she must conclude any decision. so we can answer this question as follows –

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Yes, she repented her hasty and rash action because she took very quick decision and very quickly she conclude all things without deep thinking, when she saw her child sleeping inside the home and saw a dead snake on floor then she realized that the mongoose had actually saved her child by killing the black snake.

repent her hasty action ?

She rushed outside looking for the mongoose because she had threw the heavy basket on the mongoose and due to this heavy basket mongoose got injured. She repented by saying that the mongoose had saved her child from the black snake by killing that snake and look what she had done to repay it for saving her child. She touched the mongoose that lay dead and still unaware of her sobbing. She stared long at the dead mongoose.

So do not take quick decisions.

download pdf summary story –

the friendly mongoose summary and question answer pdf – download

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