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Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air ?

By   March 24, 2023

class 10 question 1 solution of question Why should a magnesium ribbon be cleaned before burning in air ?

answer : When magnesium ribbon kept in air. magnesium ribbon gets covered with a white layer of Magnesium oxide. that is why, first of all, we should remove this layer of  Magnesium oxide from the magnesium by rubbing with sand paper before burning it in air.

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in other words we can say that before burning magnesium ribbon , it is necessary to  clean it’s surface because when magnesium ribbon is burn in presence of air , the surface of magnesium ribbon gets covered by impurities (Magnesium oxide) and to remove these impurities (Magnesium oxide) we clean the surface by using sand paper and also the surface gets becomes rough due to cleaning with sand paper that is why rate of reaction increases and also we get pure magnesium after combustion of magnesium ribbon before burning in air.

see the reaction how in air magnesium ribbon gets impurities (Magnesium oxide) on it’s surface –

2Mg + O2 ⟶ 2MgO

MgO (Magnesium oxide) is a type of impurity which decrease combustion process and we have to remove MgO (Magnesium oxide) from magnesium ribbon surface by using sand paper.