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the shepherd’s treasure summary class 6 moral of the story short questions and answers

By   May 10, 2023

find all the shepherd’s treasure summary class 6 moral of the story short questions and answers ?


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Once upon a time there was a shepherd in iran who was uneducated because there were very few schools in those days and also he was very poor but he was very wise and polite. He understand the people pain and sorrow that is why when someone came to him to help he used his common sense and try to solve their problems.

The king also heard about his wisdom and helping nature and to verify these things the king Disguised as a shepherd and went to his cave or place where the shepherd was living.

When the shepherd saw the stranger (king) coming towards him , he welcomed the stranger and asked him for water and food.

The king said thanks to him and asked him to permit him for leave , the shepherd said “thank you king”

The king was surprised how he recognized him by his wisdom and the king make him the governor of a small district .

slowly slowly the shepherd get praised of people for his wisdom and his polite nature , the shepherd treat all the people equally.

Due to the shepherd’s fame , the other governors jealous by him. they talks against him in kings palace and said that the shepherd is not wise or honest , he is cheater guy , he used to cheat the tax and had a iron box in which he had treasure which he had collect the tax and thief from it.

The king cross verify the facts , and find that yes he had a iron box always with him.

The king asked him to come in king’s palace.

The shepherd came there on the camel and also that time he had the iron box which had probably treasure. The king asked him about the box and asked him for opening it.

The shepherd open the box and old blanket is was there inside it. The king get confused why he carry always an old blanket even he is governor of a district.

The shepherd replied that this old blanket is the only treasure of my all time , this old blanket is always was his friend the governor post may be come or go but the old blanket will never be leave me alone.

The kings understood about the shepherd’s treasure and the king was very impressed by his wisdom and honesty.

The king make him governor of big district.

Moral of the story the shepherd’s treasure –

wisdom and honesty always pays