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The American Revolution was a conflict of economic interests between the colonies and Britain. Discuss.

By   August 6, 2022

Question : The American Revolution was a conflict of economic interests between the colonies and Britain. Discuss.

Answer : first of all we must know about some basics facts or points of American Revolution , it started between 1765 and 1791. This American Revolution was the result of Independence of the United States in future. that time America was colony of Britain , that is why it is said that this Revolution was happened in British America between 22 March 1765 – 14 January 1784. because of this Revolution End of the First British Empire from the America and also it is end of the British colonial rule in the Thirteen Colonies. that is why this American Revolution was very important in world history because this was the beginning of new era of freedom.

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England always tried to get maximum benefit from the colonies, so rarely did England interfere in the administration of American colonies. The British Parliament enacted several Acts from time to time to make profits from the colonies, in which the economic interests of the American colonies were neglected such as –
1.  In 1624 AD – To make use of British ships mandatory for the trade of tobacco.
2. Navigation Act- 1651 E— Mandatory use of British ships in all types of trade.
3. In 1673 AD, import-export tax was imposed by giving the status of foreign trade to the mutual trade of the
4. In 1732 AD – Prohibition on smelting of copper and making of fur hats was imposed.
5. Iron Industry Act-1750 Later, during the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763) between France and England, a lot of
money was spent, which the Emperor George III of England wanted to reimburse from the colonies and passed the following Acts –
1. Sugar Act – 1764 E- – Import of foreign liquor in America was stopped.
2. Currency Act – made the Hundi made in the colony illegal.
3. Stamp Act – 1765 – Stamp paper was made mandatory for all statutory agreements. There was maximum opposition
to this and the slogan “No representation, no tax” was raised in the colonies. Later this act was abolished through
the Buckingham Declaration.
4. Quarantine Act – 1765 E- The expenses of the residence of the soldiers were put on the colonies.
5. Tea Tax- 1767 E- Finance Minister Townshend imposed external taxes on paper, education, tea etc. Due to the
extreme opposition in the colonies, the Prime Minister “Lord North” removed 4 out of 5 taxes, but the tea tax
continued. The result was a phenomenon called the Boston Tea Party, which increased nationalist sentiment in the
colonies and formed the cornerstone of the American Revolution.

Tag : were the origins of the american revolution primarily economic or ideological ? An economic Interpretation of the American Revolution ?

American Revolution

American Revolution

This is the picture of John Trumbull who is declaring Independence or freedom that is showing the draft to Committee of Five members for approval this draft in by Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, June 28, 1776 , you can see the photo given above.