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What were the characteristics of the Renaissance ? Why did it start from Italy only ? Give a brief discussion.

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Question : What were the characteristics of the Renaissance ? Why did it start from Italy only ? Give a brief discussion.

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Answer of the question which is given above –
Answer : Renaissance was a time period in past in the history of Europe , in this time period the Europe entered into modernity from the Middle Age that is why this time period in world history is very important . in other words we can say that  The artistic, literary, social, political, cultural changes that took place in Europe between the 13th to the 16th century are collectively called Renaissance. This marked the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Modern Age.
Features of the Renaissance :-
1. Encouraged independent thinking.
2. Humanist ideology developed. It contained the message that leaving behind the concern of religion and salvation life should be lived happily. In other words after this life first policy take place.
3. Development of independent personality and individualistic ideology.
4. Development of vernacular languages.
5. Development of curiosity, intellectual attitude and scientific thought. After beginning this era scientific development take place and people started thinking with scientific thought. From here scientific thought developed rapidly.
6. Influenced by ancient Greek and Roman splendor.
7. The beginning of a new era on the remains of the medieval system.
8. Beginning of Renaissance – In Italy. The Renaissance first started in Italy. The main reasons for this were as follows –
1. Flourished trade and development of big cities – Due to its location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, there was a lot of trade and commerce in Italy because before the discovery of new waterways, the Mediterranean Sea was the center of trade between East and West countries. Due to this the development of big cities Venice, Florence, Milan etc. This trade tradition started Renaissance here which was first time occurred here in world history.
2. Influence of ancient Roman splendor- Rome was also the center of Christian culture. There the Pope patronized art and literature.
3. Influence of Italian Universities.
4. Favorable political situation because of the weak Holy Roman Empire led to the development of independent city states in northern Italy.
5. The authority of the Turks on Constantinople (1453 AD)
6. A large number of Christians returning from the Crusades settled in Italy.
7. Marco Polo’s visit to the Mongol court and eastern countries.
As a result of all the above reasons, the Renaissance first started in Italy. And after Italy , it spread rapidly in all around the world and Italy was the example of all other countries.

admin Selected answer as best October 1, 2022
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