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What is meant by the Anti-Reformation Movement ? Describe the contribution of Tent Council in this regard.

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Question : What is meant by the Anti-Reformation Movement ? Describe the contribution of Tent Council in this regard ?

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remark : this question was asked a boy who is preparing for UPSC , and the answer prepared by our team is given below-

Answer for the asked question is as follows –
Answer : The popularity of Protestants and their rapid spread raised the question of life and death before the Catholic Church. In such a situation, Catholics had to make efforts to reform the Church, which is called the Catholic Reformation Movement. Since it started in parallel and counter to the Reformation Movement, it is also called the Counter Reformation. so we can say that Counter Reformation was the movement to reestablishment of pop and to protect the power of Church and to make needy changes to Church so that Catholic Reformation Movement can be counter.
According to historian Southgate, the purpose of Catholic Reformation was mainly to establish holiness and high ideals in the Catholic Church. By the second half of the 16th century, the Catholic Church’s faults were rectified with the election of the new Reformed popes.
Reform Efforts of the Trent Council :- The Trent Council of was organized in 1545 to reform the Catholic Church in Rome, which continued to function till 1563. In the direction of reform, the council took the following important
decisions –
1. Prohibition on the sale of church posts in future.
2. Prohibition on sale of apology letters.
3. Reservation in heaven by taking money and ban on the enjoyment of priests. Arrangements were made for their proper education and initiation.
4. The priests were ordered to lead a moral life by staying in their workplace.
5. The Latin version of the Bible was considered authoritative, but the permission was given to give sermons in folk languages.
6. Listing and Ban on reading of prohibited books.
7. Pope was declared supreme interpreter. The basis of salvation was stated to be the work accomplished through the Church. Belief in miracles was expressed. These decisions of the Trent Council instilled confidence in the Church and Catholic followers, and the despair, fear and slackness that had come in the whole system was removed.

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admin Selected answer as best October 1, 2022
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