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An ester used as medicine is ?

Solved469 viewsChemistry

Question : An ester used as medicine is ______ ?

(1) ethyl acetate

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(2) methyl acetate

(3) methyl salicylate

(4) ethyl benzoate

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admin Selected answer as best October 1, 2022

Answer : In all above options (3) methyl salicylate is correct answer.

Detail explanation of answer : methyl salicylate is a example of organic ester , this is produce by wintergreen plant species , means methyl salicylate is the oil of wintergreen that is why methyl salicylate is called oil of wintergreen. this is used for treatment joint and muscular pains .  that’s why the answer of above question is (3) Methyl salicylate (oil of winter green) is used to treat joint and muscular pains. the chemical formula of methyl salicylate is written as “C8H8O3” and it’s structure is shown below in picture –

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admin Selected answer as best October 1, 2022
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