Privacy policy

Privacy policy :
We are requesting to you to read our privacy policy very carefully so that you will be very sure how we are dealing with your data and we will realize that there is no need to worry about your privacy.
You can read our privacy policy that how we are collecting your data from you and how we are well protecting your data from our side. Our privacy policy describe that how and which type of information collected from you and next what happened with your these collected information.
As we know very well that your data or information is very important for both of us and so that we use different type of technical ways like safeguard etc. so that we can keep your information very safe , we use firewalls and encryption for technical issues like theft etc. of your data.
Although we use different type of technical ways to protect your data and all but we all know that there no completely perfect way to protect internet now a days , apart from this we are doing our best to protect your information.
Be sure from your side that if you are using or visiting or website , it means you are accepting our privacy policy as well you are accepting our Terms and Conditions .
If you are more than 13 years old and less than 18 years old , we are humbling requesting to you that you have to use our website (internet) like registration on our website or submitting your personal details etc. in the supervision of your parents or guardians .
What information we collect from your and how we use with them
We do collect data or your information so that we can make our services as per your requirement and so that we can make more good user experienced and also we can make our services more good.
We just use your information to improve our website or our services so that next students can get good safe, smooth, efficient and customized user experience on our website or platform. From your given information we track which parts of website is not much good as students or user wants so that we can make that part of our website more and more good and also from this movement user get good content quality on this platform.
We just use your those information that we think that this information can improve our services good other your personal information we do not use in anything.
You do not need to share your data to visit our website , it’s your choice that you want to share your information with us or not , but for some specific areas of website you need to register on our platform , after that you can enter on these special areas of website and if you register or use our website you need to share your contact information , your identity or sometimes when you buy anything from our website you need share your billing information too.
Sometimes we use your “cookies” to enhance our services for you , so that you will have good user experience.
If you buy or sell any product through our website we use your selling or buying behavior so next time you will have a better service provided by us.
Sometimes when you send us comment or any queries or feedback on our platform , and you fill up form provided by us than we collect some specific information of you provided by you in contact form.
Disclosure of your personal Information : information / personal data provided by you is safe inside in our system and we do not sell to any third party for any marketing any other promotional purpose so defiantly your data is safe from our side.
And also If we do so than we use your those data for promotion and marketing by which your identity will not be disclose.
We will not share or leak your identity like your name , your email , password , email id etc. for selling third party.
Our website link policy : sometimes we use different type of website direct links we use to redirect you to get some specific information or some data from which we collecting or reference of any some specific information. If you are not interested to show your website link on our website so you have to ask us , we will remove your website link from our platform .