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Mention the main tendencies of New Imperialism

By   August 5, 2022

Question : Mention the main tendencies of New Imperialism.

Answer : First of all we should know what does mean by New Imperialism first , this is a historical time period which was started in 1870s , in this time period of history colonial expansion took place by powerful countries like the United States, and Japan , because in this time period colonial expansion was take place on large scale that is why this is called New Imperialism. that time these countries wanted to building their empires with new technological advances and developments and to achieve this goal were doing colonial expansion on large scale. now let’s go to our question’s answer which is asked to us here.

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The trends of the new imperialism which started with the 1870s were quite different from the earlier imperialism. It
was because of these new trends that the spirit of militancy was included in it. These new trends were mainly the
following –
1. Germany and Italy’s aspiration to become world power – By this time Russia, England, America and France had been established as world powers. There was no longer enough territory to satisfy the imperialist hunger of the newly created nations of Germany and Italy. So they wanted to grab the remaining areas as soon as possible. This tendency made the imperialist competition very fierce.
2. Entry of non-European nations – The concept of neo-imperialism was no longer confined to European nations. Non-European nations (such as America and Japan) also participated enthusiastically in this competition. Japan’s involvement in the imperialist race in Asia led to its insurgency. For this reason Chinese melons was distributed very quickly.
3. Economic monopoly with military tendency – The trend of neo-imperialism was that of economic monopoly. Although the British Empire had given the facility of capital investment to other countries as well, but France and Germany thought that most of the capital they invested in the British Empire was given to Britain only. So these European countries thought that there was a huge advantage in having their colonies. Therefore, the desire for economic monopoly was also associated with the desire for colonies. Along with this imperialist tendency, the
military trend also dominated. With the increasing influence of militarism in Europe, these colonies were also
considered as sources of military power.
4. Another trend or feature of the new imperialism was the division of the continent of Africa by the imperialists
among themselves without any struggle.
In this way, now there was competition among all the powerful countries that they should control the undeveloped and unauthorized territories of the world. Even a simple incident of such undeveloped territories, which had not yet been controlled by any great power, became an event of great importance for the countries of Europe.

This sense of countries that time is showed by a cartoonist that how powerful  countries of that time like British  germen etc. having competition to undeveloped and unauthorized territories of the world as shown below –