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get info covid19ind org district wise , पाए लेटेस्ट अपडेट लाइव ? covid19ind ऑर्ग live real time update about coronavirus cases today positive death This coronavirus is effecting all around the world and we are trying to cover all the countries in the world , we have listed data more than 200 courtiers and fetching the data of each country different resources like their government official handle or official website or their some resources running by some advance volunteers covid 19 india org district wise .

covid19ind ऑर्ग 27th april 2020 India live covid-19 status at covid19ind org |  today cases in world death , postive coronavirus  , live Coronavirus state wise , district wise and city , livescore of patients infected of coronavirus or data of covid19 disease in all countries like india , us , spain , uk etc. get covid19ind org live coronavirus update , covid 19 tracker Coronavirus tracker in india , covid19india org get to know Corona19ind .org corona 19 india org

हम यहाँ तीन डाटा दिखा रहे है , पहला भारत में कुल कोरोना से संक्रमित लोगो की संख्या , रिकवर हुए लोगो की संख्या और इस वायरस के कारण मरने वाले लोगों की संख्या |

दुसरे डाटा में हमने भारत के इन सभी डाटा को मैप के जरिये बताया है | तीसरे डाटा में हमने राज्य के अनुसार सभी डाटा को लिखा गया है |

Above Here we have shown covid-19 patients or infected people data . we have given data as per every country and each country data contains active coronavirus people number , death number due to this corona virus , recovered people from this infection or get discharged from the hospital or those people who are now coronavirus negative now.

midnight GMT+0

coronavirus tracker india in hindi

here we will show the coronavirus effected people data in india country as per state and union territories data so that you will be notified how this coronavirus effecting people and how much this virus increasing or decreasing in our india country and also we will show the state wise data and also we will try to publish district wise data so that you can clarify the situation . this is very humble request to all of you “keep yourself in home and stay safe from this coronavirus ”

Now a days millions of people are affected by this corona virus which was originate from the china country. Now it is getting viral in all over the world , in india Country due to this virus there is lock-down for 21 days (*this data Including 49 foreign Nationals, as on today 30.03.2020 at 10:30 AM patient can vary with time ) 

Infected or confirmed cases : in this category we have counted those people who are coronavirus positive patient and doctor confirmed them that they have corona virus positive , now some of them get discharge after doctor declared them fit and some of some get dead and remaining people taking medicine and got isolated in hospital.

total death meaning the people which was corona virus positive and now who got dead .

RECOVERED people are those people who was corona virus positive and after doctor’s treatment who got now they are fit and some of them got discharged from the hospital because they are fit now. show me district wise data and city wise patient details ,

some important FAQ about thisWhat is realtime covid19 data ? If some firm or company shows the live data of patients of covid-19 , than this data is called real time data of coronavirus. We will show the realtime data of it , it means we will update all the activity related to noval coronavirus so that you will keep yourself upto date about this pandemic virus.

What is noval pandemic coronavirus ? Coronavirus is a family of several viruses and the virus which took shape of pandemic in this time is named bye noval coronavirus because this type of virus from this family of viruses occurring first time .

What is covid-19 pandemic disease? Due to this coronavirus family a virus named noval coronavirus took place in human body and create some disease which is covid-19 , and this disease is a type of pandemic that is why this is called covid19 pandemic disease . this disease happen due to coronavirus and first time the patient found in 2019 that is why this disease name COVID-19

भारत देश में कोरोना वायरस नामक बीमारी तेजी के साथ बढ़ रही है जो पूरे देश के लिए एक चिंताजनक विषय है और इसी के मध्य नजर भारत सरकार ने 3 मई तक वाले लॉकडाउन को अगले 2 सप्ताह के लिए बढ़ा दिया है | हालाँकि इस दौरान सरकार ने क्षेत्रो को कोरोना मरीजो की संख्या के आधार पर क्षेत्रो को 3 जोन में बांटा है और इस आधार पर कुछ राज्यों या जिलो में कुछ छुट कठोर शर्तो के साथ दी है | ताकि लॉक डाउन को कुछ ढील दी जा सके |

How can this virus can spread ? This noval coronavirus spread mainly person to person contact , it means when a infected person come in contact with healthy person than this virus can enter in healthy body when infected person do touch this healthy person that is why government of india saying to keep at least 6 feet distance from other people because may be some other people are infected from this virus or you are infected than it is your responsibility to not to spread this pandemic virus to othe  or due to some ways this coronavirus can spread like when a infected person  coughs or sneezes than due to this coughs or sneezes the virus come out from the infected person and due to this coughs or sneezes , they can enter in the healthy body that is why government of india asking people to keep mask so that when the infected person respiratory droplets produced due to  coughs or sneezes than they do not spread out and also this mask is necessary for healthy people because when the respiratory droplets produced came out from infected people then this mask protect the healthy people to not to enter in the healthy body . Some other indirect ways may be behind the spread of this noval  coronavirus , the indirect ways are like when infected people tough something like surface and when some healthy person touches that surface than the virus come to on its hand and when this healthy person touches his nose , eyes or mouth than this virus entered in its body and create covid-19 disease. That is why government of india asking people to not touch your nose , eyes or mouth , because these three parts are the major parts from which any virus can entered into the body.

How to prevent yourself from covid19 disease ? If you want to prevent yourself from coronavirus than you have to do limited contact with other and keep distance atleast 6 feet while taking to others , and the best way is to keep yourself avoid the contact with those people who are showing some symptoms of coronavirus , and also if you have some doubt or some symptoms of coronavirus inside you than you have to put yourself in isolation or quarantine yourself so that if you have covid19 than others can prevent themselves from covid-19 that can be spread by you and in this way you can prevent your family too from covid-2019 . You have to wash your hand several times in a day and hand must be washed atleast 20 second to 1 minute with soap to  prevent yourself from covid19 disease. And also you have not touch your nose , mouth and eyes with your dirty hands because these are the most sensitive parts of our body through which any virus can enter inside our body and can make disease .

What is the treatment of covid19 currently ? Although There is no vaccine for coronavirus but if someone found infected by coronavirus than in 80-90% the patient got recover with some ordinary medicine that is why peoples are recovering from this covid-19 . but there is not any vaccine to stop this infection and all over the world the doctors , researchers and medical colleges are trying to make treatment or to make vaccine for this noval coronavirus and some study are under progress , soon we will get the vaccine for this coronavirus we hope.

Why we take too much time in update ? We are a team and we work in front and backend side of this website and also we are putting data after collecting these data from different sources , if the sources update late it mean we will also be late in live updating data on our website.

Cases and death study of coronavirus peoples in the point of view age  ?

The cases and death due to covid-19 or coronavirus or wuhan virus are varying with age of the patient . here we are trying to know how this virus varying with this point .

A some case studies the experts found that if the age the coronavirus infected person is more than 80 year old than in overall 14.8% persons got died , please keep in mind that this is not 100% so do not panic just stay home and stay healthy. So if someone got infected bye this coronavirus and its age is more than 80 yrs old than do not sure from your side that they had no chances to get recover just visit doctor and keep precautions given by doctor.

The death rate due to any virus or illness called Fatality Rate and the Fatality Rate of covid-19 can be vary case to case and person to person , depends on several factors like immune power , age , sex etc.

Between 70-80 yrs old peoples cases the death rate due to corona is about 8.0% .

Between 60-70 years old peoples cases the death rate or  Fatality Rate  due to coronavirus is about 3.6%

50-59 years old than Fatality Rate 1.3%

40-49 yrs old than death rate is about 0.4%

30-39 years old than death rate is about 0.2%

20-29 years old than due to covid-19 the death rate or Fatality Rate is about 0.2%

If the age of covid infected persons between 10-19 years old than Fatality Rate is about 0.2%

And if the age of infected person 0-9 yrs old than there is not any death take place it means for this age group the Fatality Rate is zero or we can say that no fatalities.

What does mean by covid19ind org ?

So first of all understand that covid19ind is just a platform which is dedicated platform to provide the update about the pandemic coronavirus , as we know that is virus is spreading in all over the world . To provide the information on world level there are several website like worldometer etc. but now this pandemic virus is spreading in India also so there was a need where we can see the status of this coronavirus , I mean we needed a platform where we can see the positive cases of corona virus , death due to this virus , recovered people number from this covid-19 disease . to provide such information a team build a such platform which update live as possible as on their website platform about this pandemic coronavirus .

Using this website anyone can get the information about covid19 from anywhere in the world . this website show 3 types of data first one corona infected persons , second is death people number , third one is recovered number of people through this virus .

How much dangerous coronavirus ?

Although we can not say anything about this question without any reference . the magnitude of coronavirus depends on some factor like hospital facility etc. If the proper hospital facility like medicine , oxygen or ventilator is provided to the covid-19 patient than in such case the patient can recover from this corona virus disease . On other hand the magnitude of this coronavirus also depend on the immune power the person who got affected by this coronavirus , it means the person that have high immune capacity has more chances to get recover from this covid19 disease . If you have affected from this noval corona virus than immediately visit doctor or hospital so that you will provided the right treatment for this virus , do not get late if you have symptoms , because after a peak point the virus affect the body on critical situation , the best way is to get doctor advice if you feel some symptoms of covid19 disease.

To understand the magnitude this coronavirus that this virus is dangerous or not consider these three factor (1) RO , (2) CFR and last one is (3) chances of asymptomatic transmission . these 3 factors clarify that any virus how much have dangerous effects.

What is reproductive number of any virus ?

The number of persons which can infected by some infected person , means the number of healthy persons to which any infected person can spread the virus . let us suppose a person has coronavirus positive and if this corona positive person can infect 3 other healthy person than the reproductive number of corona virus will be counted as 3 . because a single infected person can infect 3 healthy persons .

If the reproductive number of any virus is high it means that virus will transmit fast and the when the reproductive number of any virus is low than it will not spread on a wide scale and can be controlled easily .

How much the reproductive number of this noval coronavirus ?

The reproductive number (Ro) that is called R0 or R-zero of this coronavirus is estimated 1.4 and 2.5 , although some other studies or resources and researches estimate this number upto 4 but in round figure if we see that the reproductive number of this noval coronavirus is around 3 that is very high and this reproductive number of this noval coronavirus make it dangerous . because other viruses have this value something 1 , it means other viruses can infection to one other person only but coronavirus can infection one person to next three person that is why this virus is spreading too fast and on wide scale.

Why coronavirus is spreading too fast and on wide scale ?

First thing is that this coronavirus has high reproductive number (Ro) so one infected person can infect many healthy persons and this is main reason behind the spreading this virus too fast and on a wide scale .

And the second thing is that due to high reproductive number (Ro) the number of patients of covid-19 occurring too fast and has no vaccine till now that is why this is going out of controlled even by developed countries.

What is the Incubation Period of wuhan virus ?

First of all I would like to tell you that the coronavirus was originated from the wuhan city of china and that is why the coronavirus is also called wuhan virus.

The Incubation Period of coronavirus is 2-14 days although some data told that it may vary and the Incubation Period of corona virus may be upto 0-27 days , In china’s Hubei Province local govt. report that a case was occurred which took 27 days to appear symptoms so according to this case we can say that the Incubation Period of wuhan virus can be upto 27 days. Although in most of cases it is seen that the symptoms of this virus appeared in 2-14 days so 2-14 is best answer of this question.

According to WHO (world health organization) data , it cleared that the Incubation Period of this virus can be depend upon several factors like immune power of the person , lower immune power person can show the symptoms of this virus very fast and strong power capacity person can show the symptoms very late too .

Because the Incubation Period of wuhan virus can vary case to case or person to person that is why a mean  Incubation Period is measured for this covid-19 and that 2-14 days .

Reason behind to know tha Incubation Period of this virus ?

The SARS virus had the Incubation Period 2-7 days and on other hand the Incubation Period of coronavirus is 2-14 days and this thing make it more dangerous because corona virus took 14 days to show its symptoms and till that the infected person can to infect to other healthy people and also the reproductive number of the corona is also high that is upto 3 , it means average a infected person can infect other 3 healthy people .

That is why every country doing lockdown so that people can stay at home atleast 14 days and if someone has infected than in 14 days the symptoms will occur and other healthy people will not be infected from this coronavirus.

What is the tha Incubation Period of any virus , meaning and definition ?

The Incubation Period is a time period in how much time any virus took to shows it symptoms in any human body , let us suppose someone got infected today and till 4 days he will work properly but after 4 days some symptoms of coronavirus like some fever , cough and breathing problem so this is the first symptoms In that person of this virus it mean that the Incubation Period of this virus is 4 days .

From infected from virus to first symptoms appear in body and this time period is called Incubation Period of any virus .

What is the Mortality Rate of coronavirus (covid-19) ?

World health organization (WHO) estimated in last month on march 3rd the Mortality Rate of corona virus and they estimated the death rate or Mortality Rate around  3.4% . it means out of 100 positive coronavirus infected people , 3.4 people got died.

Although this Mortality Rate of any virus depends on several factors which we can understand by these facts –

The Mortality Rate of this covid-19 is found 5.8 in wuhan city of china country from where this coronavirus originated and on other hand in china country overall the Mortality Rate due to this virus is around 3.8 and also the Mortality Rate depends on hospitality facility for example some countries where the medical facility is better and modern and advance where the Mortality Rate of this virus can be low .

Initially the Mortality Rate was estimated around 2% but after deep study and due to several factors like its reproductive number is high and also its symptoms took time get appear in human body and till that time the infected person do infection to others

First you have to understand what is definition or meaning of Mortality Rate ?

Mortality Rate is the number of death in out of 100 positive or infected persons , let us suppose that 100 persons are infected by some virus and out of these 100 persons 5 persons got dead due to this virus it means the Mortality Rate of this example virus is 5% .

Does the death rate or Fatality Rate depnts upon sex of the patient ?

Although the answer of this question will not be yes or no . but the Fatality Rate of coronavirus is very with sex of the patients. It means in coronavirus case when study did on several cases than found that the Fatality Rate or death rate is different in male or female .

It means the probability of death also depending the  sex of the infected person , although there are several factors behind this fact but cases studies showed these results –

It is seen that in all cases the death rate of male is 2.8% and in confirmed cases the death rate is 4.7% . it means in all cases the 2.8 people get died out of 100 and in confirmed cases 4.7 persons died out of 100 persons.

On other hand the death rate in female is found 1.7% in all cases and 2.8% found in confirmed cases it means 1.7 persons found death out of 100 in all cases and in confirmed cases 2.8 people out of 100 is get died due to coronavirus or covid-19.

what are the covid 19 symptoms in india , coronavirus symptoms in children day by day ? there are three major symptoms of covid-19 as follows –

  1. problems in breathing
  2. cough or dry cough
  3. fever or high fever
  4. problems in breathing : the coronavirus effects our respiratory system firstly and that is why the patient of covid19 feel problems in breathing that is called shortness of breath . but if someone have coronavirus than mostly it is important that these three symptoms together . it means the covid 19 patient will have high body temperature (fever) , dry cough and shortness of breath .

Some times you have not 2 symptoms and have just problem in breathing than most chances are not to have coronavirus in your body so if you have problem in breathing than visit hospital and consult with doctor , the doctor will decide you have corona virus symptoms or not . Keep this thing in your mind that you have not to hide anything from the doctor , when you will tell all the problems to doctor in detail than on that basis doctor will judge your disease.

  1. cough or dry cough : if you have dry cough and other 2 symptoms than you have to isolate yourself and visit nearby hospital . but if you have just cough than more chances are not to have corona virus because this time the weather is not appropriate so cough is a normal thing but in this case too you have to consult the doctor and try to isolate yourself if you have doubt that you can be infected by someone .

Keep mask every and any time on your mouth so that the respiratory droplets which is made  while sneeze or cough , it can spread the coronavirus widely so this is your responsibility to prevent other by this pandemic coronavirus if you have and also you have coronavirus or just cough than also you have to keep yourself under doctor study and have medicine on time soon you will get well .

  1. fever or high fever : fever is also a symptoms of coronavirus , but as we have told you in last paragraph that this time season is changing due to this season change the fever may occur but in this case also you have to vsit near by hospital and keep yourself quarantine so that if you have coronavirus than this must not be spread to your loved one .

High fever , dry cough and problem in breathing are the major symptoms of covid-19 , but mostly in coronavirus patient these three symptoms are found together so you have these three symptoms than there are more chances to be a infect person , in this case you have to not to public transport and try to not to talk with anyone and keep mask on your mouth and do not touch anyone and anything . and keep yourself isolate and visit doctor or hospital or call to helpline number , they will try to manage transport facility like ambulance etc. Please understand this thing that we have to fight with this coronavirus and we have to prevent to ourselves and our nation from this corona virus . Do not panic if you have these three symptoms too , you have to just keep yourself isolate and call to helpline number and keep mask and also keep remember than in almost more than 90% cases the covid-19 patient recover themselves so there is nothing to be panic but this is a pandemic disease so keep your self isolate as much as you can. covid19ind org .

covid19ind org | coronavirus tracker | india covid-19 today cases

covid19ind org is the best and up to date platform to provide update of coronavirus latest positive cases , recovered and death due to this pandemic disease covid19.

We are trying here to update the data as soon as possible but as you know that we collecting data from different sources and have work load too much that is why some time may took place to update the data , but we are collecting data from some trusted source so you no need to worry about the facts . but at the end we are also human being so if some human error can took place although we will try our best and will try to not make any mistake after all if you find some human made error than let us know we will fix the problem as soon as possible so that you will get the correct data as soon as possible.

If you want to see the india data state wise and district wise also than click on menu and click on district wise data , there you have to select the state which data you want to see and than you will find all the data that specific state and will see the cases in that district or state.

coronavirus helpline number in india , rajasthan , delhi , UP , bangalore , pune phone no

rajasthan , delhi , UP , bangalore , pune phone no , coronavirus helpline number in india covid19 (covid-19) mobile or landline number :-

Our indian government has issued some helpline number to get help related to COVID19 like to inform about some suspect of corona virus etc.

Indian government has issued This national helpline number :- +91-11-23978046 or 1075

Now we are giving the help line number as per state-wise as below  –

Andhra Pradesh (आंध्रप्रदेश) – 0866-2410978

Andaman and Nicobar Islands (अंडमान निकोबार द्वीप समूह) – 03192-232102

Arunachal Pradesh (अरुणाचल प्रदेश) – 9436055743

Assam (आसाम) – 6913347770

Bihar (बिहार) – 104

Chandigarh (चंडीगढ़) – 9779558282

Chhattisgarh (छत्तीसगढ़) – 104

Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu (दादर और नागर हवेली और दमन द्वीप) – 104

Delhi (दिल्ली) – 011-22307145

Goa (गोवा) – 104

Gujarat (गुजरात) – 104

Haryana (हरयाणा) – 8558893911

Himachal Pradesh (हिमाचल प्रदेश) – 104

Jharkhand (झारखण्ड) – 104

Jammu & Kashmir (जम्मू कश्मीर) – 01912520982, 0194-2440283

Karnataka (कर्नाटक) – 104

Kerala (केरल) – 0471-2552056

Ladakh (लद्दाक) – 01982256462

Lakshadweep (लक्ष्यद्वीप ) – 104

Madhya Pradesh (MP) (मध्य प्रदेश) (एम.पी) – 104

Maharashtra (महाराष्ट्र) – 020-26127394

Manipur (मणिपुर) – 3852411668

Meghalaya (मेघालय) – 108

Mizoram (मिजोरम) – 102

Nagaland (नागालैंड) – 7005539653

Odisha (उड़ीसा) – 9439994859

Punjab (पंजाब) – 104

Rajasthan (राजस्थान) – 0141-2225624

Puducherry (पुदुच्चेरी) – 104

Sikkim (सिक्किम) – 104

Tamil Nadu (तमिलनाडु) – 044-29510500

Telangana (तेलन्गाना) – 104

Tripura (त्रिपुरा) – 0381-2315879

Uttarakhand (उतराखंड) – 104

Uttar Pradesh (UP) (उत्तर प्रदेश) (यू.पी) – 18001805145

West Bengal (पश्चिमी बंगाल) – 1800313444222, 03323412600

These phone number are made to help the people regarding to covid-19.

To get help by using email , government has issued an email id as helpline as follow :-

To get directly right facts related to covid-19 or coronavirus than send a “Hi” message on whatsapp number +41 79 893 18 92 .

They have this image (photo) on its official website to spread the right information to billions of people around the world.

covid19ind org

here available covid19ind org that known for best platform to get live update about the covid-19 disease which is due to coronavirus or wuhan virus 2019 .

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All you need to Know about Coronavirus

In early 2020, a new virus starts generating headlines all over the world because of the extraordinary speed of its transmission.

From its beginning in a food market in Wuhan, China, in December

2019 to countries as extreme as the United States and the Philippines, the

Virus (officially named SARS-CoV-2) has affected hundreds of thousands, with an increasing death toll now. 59,140 people have died so far from the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of April 04, 2020. There are

11, 23,024 are conformed COVID-19 cases.

This disease caused by an infection with SARS-CoV-2 is called COVID-19, which stands for coronavirus disease in 2019. Despite the worldwide panic in the news about this virus, you’re not likely to contract SARS-CoV-2 unless you’ve been in contact with somebody who has a SARS-CoV-2 disease.

Read on to know how this Coronavirus is spread, how it’s similar and different from other viruses, and how to prevent spreading it to others if you suspect you’ve contracted this virus.

What are the symptoms?

Doctors are learning new things about Coronavirus every day. So far, we know that Coronavirus may not initially cause any symptoms in some cases.

You may carry the virus for two days or up to 2 weeks trusted Source before you notice symptoms.

Some common symptoms that have been linked explicitly to COVID-19 include:

  • having a cough that gets more severe
  • shortness of breath
  • a low-grade fever that gradually increases in temperature

These symptoms may become critical in some cases. Call emergency medical number if you or someone have any of the following symptoms:

  • persistent pain in the chest
  • trouble in breathing
  • excessive drowsiness
  • blue lips or face

The full list of symptoms is still under investigation.

Self-isolation helps reducing coronavirus spreading

Don’t leave your home if you have symptoms of Coronavirus or live with someone who does. This is called self-isolation.

If you are self-isolating, you must:

  • Don’t leave your house for any reason; if you’re leaving home, stay at least 2 meters i.e., three steps away from other people.
  • Not go out to purchase food or collect medicine – order them by phone or online, or ask somebody else to drop them off at your doorstep.
  • Not have visitors, such as friends or family, in your home.

You can use your garden or balcony if you have one.

How is COVID-19 diagnosed?

If you think you have Coronavirus, you should contact the

doctor right away. Before going to the doctor’s clinic, call with your concerns. This will allow the clinic to collect information and offer you supervision on the next steps. To diagnose you, the doctor may run tests to rule out other common infections. In some cases, your doctor may recommend you self-isolate to stop the spread of disease. At present, the only way to be tested for COVID-19 is to talk to the doctor.

Can Coronavirus be prevented or avoided?

Follow social distancing. Avoid direct contact with the people who are sick or meeting in big groups. Stay in your home if you are sick. Cover your cough with a tissue paper or cough into your upper sleeve or elbow. Do not cough on your hands.

Wash your hands more frequently with soap and water for a minimum of 20-30 seconds, mainly before eating anything, after going to the washroom, and after blowing your nose, sneezing, and coughing. If water and hand wash or soap are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with liquid soap and water if hands are dirty. Avoid touching your nose, mouth, or eyes.

What treatments are available?

There is currently no specific treatment approved for COVID-19, although medications and vaccines are at present under study. In its place, treatment focuses on managing symptoms as the virus runs its route.

Look for immediate medical aid if you think you have Coronavirus. Your doctor will suggest treatment for any symptoms or complications that build up.

Other COVID-19 like SARS and MERS are also treated by managing symptoms. For some people, experimental treatments are tested to see how effective they are. Examples of therapies used for these illnesses, including:

  • antiviral or retroviral medications
  • blood plasma transfusions/
  • breathing support, such as ventilation
  • steroids to reduce lung swelling
भारत देश में कोरोना वायरस पर नजर रख सकते है |
कोरोना वायरस से भारत में लगभग 27 राज्य और केंद्र शासित प्रदेश प्रभावित है , इन राज्यों और केन्द्र शासित प्रदेशो के डाटा निम्न प्रकार है , हम इनमे कुल संक्रमित लोगो की संख्या , सही हुए लोगो की संख्या , राज्यों और केंद्र शासित प्रदेशो के अनुसार मृतकों की संख्या आदि डाटा को शामिल किया है |
संक्रमित लोग : इस वर्ग में उन लोगो को शामिल किया है जो इस कोरोना वायरस से संक्रमित हुए थे हालाँकि इनमे उन लोगो की संख्या भी शामिल है जो अब ठीक हो गए है लेकिन हमने कोरोना वायरस से ठीक हुए लोगो का डाटा अलग से लिखा है , अत: संक्रमित लोगो में हम देखते है कि देश के कितने लोगो को यह वायरस संक्रमित या बीमार कर चूका है | अर्थात जिनके कोरोना वायरस होने की पुष्टि डॉक्टर कर चुके है |
कुल मौते : इस संख्या में वे मृतक शामिल है जो कोरोना वायरस से संक्रमित थे और जिनकी मौत हो चुकी है |
ठीक हुए लोगो की संख्या : इस वर्ग में उन लोगो को शामिल किया है जिनमे डॉक्टर ने कोरोना वायरस होने की पुष्टि की थी लेकिन डॉक्टर की देखभाल और इलाज के चलते जो अब ठीक हो चुके है और जिन्हें डॉक्टर अब छुट्टी दे चुके है अर्थात जो पूरी तरह से अब ठीक हो चुके है उन्हें इस वर्ग में रखा गया है |

commentary news articles (live update of coronavirus pandemic in india) :-

भारत (india) कोरोना से कुल संक्रमित लोग (people affected in india ) 3,082 कोरोना से संक्रमित लोगो की कुल मौतें (Deaths in india ) 86 कोरोना से ठीक हुए कुल लोगो की संख्या (how many return to a normal state of health) 229 Passengers screened at airport15,24,266Active Cases Status in india2650Cured/discharged cases183 Death cases 68Migrated COVID-19 Patient1 S. No. Name of State / union territories Total Confirmed cases (Including 55 foreign Nationals) Cured/Discharged/ Migrated people Death due to covid-19 1 Andhra Pradesh (आन्ध्र प्रदेश) 132 1 1 2 Andaman and Nicobar Islands (अंडमान निकोबार द्वीप समूह) 10 0 0 3 Arunachal Pradesh (अरुणाचल प्रदेश) 1 0 0 4 Assam (असम) 16 0 0 5 Bihar (बिहार) 29 0 1 6 Chandigarh (चंडीगढ़) 18 0 0 7 Chhattisgarh (छत्तीसगढ़) 9 3 0 8 Delhi (दिल्ली) 219 8 4 9 Goa (गोवा) 6 0 0 10 Gujarat (गुजरात) 95 10 8 11 Haryana (हरयाणा) 49 24 0 12 Himachal Pradesh (हिमाचल प्रदेश) 6 1 1 13 Jammu and Kashmir (जम्मू और कश्मीर) 75 3 2 14 Jharkhand (झारखण्ड) 2 0 0 15 Karnataka (कर्नाटक) 124 10 3 16 Kerala (केरल) 286 27 2 17 Ladakh (लद्दाक) 14 3 0 18 Madhya Pradesh (मध्यप्रदेश) 104 0 6 19 Maharashtra (महाराष्ट्र) 335 42 16 20 Manipur (मणिपुर) 2 0 0 21 Mizoram (मिजोरम) 1 0 0 22 Odisha (उड़ीसा) 5 0 0 23 Puducherry (पुदुचेरी) 5 1 0 24 Punjab (पंजाब) 48 1 5 25 Rajasthan (राजस्थान) 167 3 0 26 Tamil Nadu (तमिलनाडु) 309 6 1 27 Telengana (तेलन्गाना) 158 1 7 28 Uttarakhand (उतराखंड) 10 2 0 28 Uttar Pradesh (उत्तरप्रदेश) 172 14 2 29 West Bengal (पश्चिम बंगाल) 63 3 3 Total number of confirmed cases in India country 2547* 163 62 S. No. Name of State / union territories Total Confirmed cases (Including 55 foreign Nationals) Cured/Discharged/ Migrated people Death due to covid-19 1 Andhra Pradesh (आन्ध्र प्रदेश) 132 1 1 2 Andaman and Nicobar Islands (अंडमान निकोबार द्वीप समूह) 10 0 0 3 Arunachal Pradesh (अरुणाचल प्रदेश) 1 0 0 4 Assam (असम) 16 0 0 5 Bihar (बिहार) 29 0 1 6 Chandigarh (चंडीगढ़) 18 0 0 7 Chhattisgarh (छत्तीसगढ़) 9 3 0 8 Delhi (दिल्ली) 219 8 4 9 Goa (गोवा) 6 0 0 10 Gujarat (गुजरात) 95 10 8 11 Haryana (हरयाणा) 49 24 0 12 Himachal Pradesh (हिमाचल प्रदेश) 6 1 1 13 Jammu and Kashmir (जम्मू और कश्मीर) 75 3 2 14 Jharkhand (झारखण्ड) 2 0 0 15 Karnataka (कर्नाटक) 124 10 3 16 Kerala (केरल) 286 27 2 17 Ladakh (लद्दाक) 14 3 0 18 Madhya Pradesh (मध्यप्रदेश) 104 0 6 19 Maharashtra (महाराष्ट्र) 335 42 16 20 Manipur (मणिपुर) 2 0 0 21 Mizoram (मिजोरम) 1 0 0 22 Odisha (उड़ीसा) 5 0 0 23 Puducherry (पुदुचेरी) 5 1 0 24 Punjab (पंजाब) 48 1 5 25 Rajasthan (राजस्थान) 167 3 0 26 Tamil Nadu (तमिलनाडु) 309 6 1 27 Telengana (तेलन्गाना) 158 1 7 28 Uttarakhand (उतराखंड) 10 2 0 28 Uttar Pradesh (उत्तरप्रदेश) 172 14 2 29 West Bengal (पश्चिम बंगाल) 63 3 3 Total number of confirmed cases in India country 2547* 163 62 राज्य या केंद्र शासित प्रदेश का नाम कोरोना पुष्टि लोगो की संख्या मृतकों की संख्या ठीक हुए लोगो की संख्या कोरोना से सक्रीय लोगो की संख्या महाराष्ट्र 124 2 1 121 केरल 118 – 4 114 कर्नाटक 55 1 3 51 तेलन्गाना 44 – 1 43 गुजरात 43 2 – 41 उत्तर प्रदेश 42 – 11 31 राजस्थान 40 – 3 37 दिल्ली 36 1 6 29 पंजाब 33 1 – 32 हरयाणा 31 – 11 20 तमिलनाडु 26 1 1 24 मध्य प्रदेश 20 1 – 19 लद्दाक 13 – – 13 आंध्रप्रदेश 11 – 1 10 जम्मू और कश्मीर 11 – 1 10 पश्चिम बंगाल 10 1 – 9 चंडीगढ़ 7 7 बिहार 6 1 5 छतीसगढ़ 6 6 उतराखंड 5 5 गोवा 3 3 हिमाचल प्रदेश 3 1 2 ओड़िसा 2 2 अंडमान और निकोबार द्वीप समूह 1 1 मणिपुर 1 1 मिजोरम 1 1 पांडुचेरी 1 1 कुल संख्या 639 12 43 638

Apr 1st10:48
18 new positive cases found in Maharashtra

our health official said that in Maharashtra , 18 new covid19 cases found . now total 320 positive cases of noval coronavirus

Apr 1st09:41
Indian Oil Corporation provided medical insurance to fight against coronavirus

To fight with covid-19 , Indian Oil Corporation provided medical insurance to its 320,000 employees so that they can feel protected from coronavirus

Apr 1st08:44
covid-19 patients increasing rapidly in USA

after increasing 24,742 cases yesterday , now USA has 188,530 positive cases of covid-19

Mar 31st21:56
60 passengers are suspected of corona in Rajdhani Express

around 60 passengers are suspected of covid19 in Rajdhani Express because in this coach a Malaysian woman found positive

Mar 31st21:44
highest cases in MAHARASHTRA in the country

with 302 cases , MAHARASHTRA is on the top

Mar 31st21:35
up count crossed 100 covid-19 patients

total 103 people are found positive in UP.

Mar 31st21:33
pm modi talks to president of france on telephone

today our prime minister talk on telephone with france president Emmanuel Macron .

Mar 31st21:27
today found highest covid19 patient in a single day

in Tamil nadu 57 new people found of coronovirus today , this is the highest covid19 patient in a single day .

Mar 31st21:20
6 covid-19 dedicated hospital in delhi

the government of delhi now declared 6 hospitals completely covid19 dedicated hospital in the city for treatment of coronavirus patient.

3/30/2020 : 07:00 PM

here is a biggest news from railways , railways can make 20,000 coaches for isolation for the corona virus patients.

3/30/2020 : 06:44 PM

due to coronavirus total 25,000 deaths took place in only in Europe , after it italy is on second position with a total number of 10,779 death till now.

3/30/2020 : 05:54 PM

chief minister of m.p. said that we are taking our all efforts to fight with with coronavirus pandemic in our state. 3/30/2020 : 05:53 PM

due to coronavirus the Tokyo Olympics 2020 to be held from 23rd July 2021 to 8th August 2021 and also the Paralympic Games to be held from 24th August 2021 till 5th September 2021 , this information is published by ANI on it’s officical twitter handle.

Today google doodle added thank you coronavirus helpers because in this tough situation they hold the situation very tightly so that other can skip themselves from this covid-19 or coronavirus .

who we are ? : we have a volunteer team which is dedicated to its work , and this time not only our country india but also all the world is suffering with covid-19 crises and in this situation our volunteer team is decided to give the all updates about the covid19 to its indian users and also we will provide you the status of coronavirus status and updates all over the world. we have a team of experts in different fields like some them are expert in live update field and some them are expert in technical field like software developers or SEO (search engine optimization) Keep this thing in your mind that we are not affiliated to any institution and we are collecting data online from different platform that is why our data can vary with time , it means some time we update late but we are trying to update the covid-19 data as live or realtime so that you can get the actual data and we will try to provide you news and commentary about this pandemic coronavirus so that you will keep yourself up to date . we are using different official or government websites or some institutions website to collect the data so that we can update realtime or live data related to covid19ind org so that you will get accurate numbers on our bulletin. what is reason behind the different number for same thing ? as we have told you that we used different website or platform some of them are official and some of them are unofficial but they are working hard to provide data from different platform , and some official website update late data and some institution website update data on their bulletin , we will collect both of them data so that you will get both data which is official and some of them are live from different channels like news channels etc. so do not panic about the covid19 , just keep yourself inside home and stay safe.

last words in this covid 19 pandemic time : keep yourself far from other as much as you can and when you go outside from your home than keep a mask on face which covered you mouth and nose. keep a sanitizer and wash hands time to time. don’t touch your nose , mouth , eyes and ears. do help others if they need your help .