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Caste politics has affected Indian democracy in a bigger way Comment critically

By   August 1, 2022

Question : “Caste politics has affected Indian democracy in a bigger way.” Comment critically.
Answer : When the political parties and the politicians bring castes name , symbols etc. to get the votes for some specific caste which is in majority in that specific area. when castes used to gain votes in politics is called caste politics.

Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) the Lok Nayak said that caste is a very important group in India. Therefore, caste has affected Indian democracy in a big way, both positively and negatively.

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Positive impact on democracy :

1. The relation between caste and politics has binded people in a single thread which has developed a social sense so caste bring unity between politics and caste socially so they can work together more effectively.

2. Caste politics Has increased political activism and awareness in peoples , now they votes to these who can bring their caste upper side from Exploitation.

3. Due to casteism, the lower castes followed the higher castes in food, dress, lifestyle, ethics, which increased cultural unity on this way lower caste people try to bring caste to equal to higher castes.

4. Caste politics bringing Equality among different castes due to weak hierarchical relationship of castes.

5. No community is a majority due to caste diversity, hence it protects from dictatorship of majority of any caste.

Negative impact on democracy :

1. Loss of fraternity and unity and inferiority of caste conflicts.

2. Due to caste politics presence of conflict and unrest in the society because different cates want to ruled over each other , on this way conflict take place between these castes.

3. Governance by people who are contesting elections on the basis of caste and who are disqualified from electoral behavior.

4. due to caste politics Priority of caste interests over national interests.

5. Democracy gets distorted by the formation of caste based political parties.

6. The development of scientific and progressive approach is blocked by casteism based thinking.

7. due to caste politics Feeling of insecurity among minority castes , higher castes can increase the Exploitation over lower caste after this conflict.

8. Powerful caste organizations act as pressure-groups making it difficult to take independent and impartial decisions.

9. Loss of national interest due to promotion of vote bank politics.
Therefore, the increasing influence of caste in politics has created a rift among the individuals which created hindrance in the path of national integration. Due to this caste politics, the democratic system has weakened and political institutions are not able to function in their basic spirit.

On this way we can say that caste politics is dangerous for healthy democracy. It must be minimum in indian politics.