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About us : now a days education is getting very expensive that is rich people can get well education from famous institutions but on another hand middle class children and poor students still can not fill up expensive fee of these type of institutions.
Education is the base thing of any developing country for fast and smooth development so never discriminate students by their faces and their financial background .
Sarthakata.com is a free platform where students can get good study material for their competitive exams like RAS , IAS , rajasthan level exams.
Our content is best content for preparation perfect study and we try our best to provide you best content like notes , questions paper and also other study material so that you can get good marks in your exams and be able to get government job in such filed by which you can make your own image and can work for public with your honesty.
Our mission RAS/IAS :

  • When you prepare for IAS/RAS exam , you get different type of challenges , so we are here to help for these challenges while preparing for IAS/RAS exams .
  • We are trying to bring all the content on your mobile or laptop or desktop so that you can study from anywhere and anytime.
  • We know , it’s your dream to became IAS/RAS that is why we have dedicated team which will definitely help you to achieve your this dream.
  • If you are preparing through our platform , than we will prove that its myth that RAS/IAS is preparation is difficult .
  • Our mission is to educate each and every student of the country through our platform and millions of students can get benefits through our website at a time so there is no limitations of seats and all things .
  • We have created the content by considering all the small and typical exams also so you not need to worry that our content is just for few exams , our content is updated time to time so that you can get good data on our website and also the facts of any subject , we tried to provide good and well adopted data by the exam board like UPSC , RPSC etc.
  • We will provide study material like notes , question paper , previous question paper of these exams , syllabus with update , objective and subjective questions for RAS and IAS mains and prelims paper , you just need to keep writing practice so that you will get good confidence that you can crack the exam and can get good marks in mains exam.
  • We are providing material for interview also , you have to practice with our material so that you can speak with confidence in your interview of IAS and RAS.

Om prakash saini is founder of this platform and left his job from a lucrative job to educate needy people who do not effort expensive education from various intuitions which take very high amount of money , and the students who do not able to deposit the fee of these institutions they can not get education from these institutions , even these students have more qualification .
We are here to help these type of students so that they make true their dream , and can Service to the public.
Our mission is clear and soon we will able to connect millions of people with our platform so that millions more student can get benefits from our platform.
Our platform sevastudy.com is dedicated educational free source where engineering students of communication and electronic can get all the study material free of cost.
We on the behalf of our team declared here that we will not take any cost charge in future too, this will be free educational hub for you and new coming generations .
Thank you
Sbi study team.

our mission

Our mission is to connect each and every children to modern education system with advance modern study techniques. so that they can improve their skills and get ready to face coming challenges in this field. Now strong quality education is big challenge infront of hindi medium students , that is why we introduced this platform to prove hindi study to each and every chilred in rural areas.
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About Us

We are jaipur based company in digital education system and having several years of experience that is why we understand your need for hindi medium students , we are in touch with hindi education platforms , where students put their demands but due to their low budget they do not provide good education , but we will provide you high quality education to you in every circumstances.

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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