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a tale of two birds class 6 pdf summary and ncert solutions of chapter 1 lesson 1 6th grade

By   May 8, 2023

a tale of two birds class 6 pdf summary and ncert solutions of chapter 1 lesson 1 6th grade standard short story and all question answer ncert cbse english subject moral of the story and all things which are related to unit 1 class 6th.

Download pdf of summary and ncert question answer solutions –

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1. A Tale of Two Birdsdownload


This is a story of 2 birds which was living with her mother in a tree , due to thunderstorm the tree falls one day and the mother of the birds died. The wind blows away both the birds very strongly and one bird fall down near a robbers cave and other bird falls near a Rishi’s ashram.

One day a king came to the jungle for some visit or to hunt , when he was following a deer for hunt he reached near the cave of robbers where first baby was fall down , where we listen the voice of the bird which was saying to robbers that there is a king who has a horse and jewels , let’s rob the king .

after hearing these talks the king went away and reached to the Rishi’s ashram. where he saw the similar bird which was doing his welcome and asked to the king to rest in the Rishi’s ashram.

After some time the rishi reached there , the king tell about all incident happened with him . rishi told him that these two birds are brother but there company is different , one is living with robbers that is why that bird talk about rob anything . and another living in good company means in Rishi’s ashram that is why this bird talk about good things.

moral of the story a tale of two birds

Impact of surrounding company.

Conclusion of A Tale of Two Birds story 

we must keep good friends company , if we keep bad friends company one day we will be bad because surrounding company matters as we have seen in the story of A Tale of Two Birds.