लोबो क्या है इन हिंदी | What is Lobo in hindi information, जानकारी kya hai


  • Lobo, Spanish and Portuguese for wolf (Canis lupus), especially:
    • Lobo, Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)
    • Lobo, Iberian wolf (Canis lupus signatus)
  • Lobo (New Mexico mascot), University of New Mexico mascot
  • Lobo the King of Currumpaw, book based on real life events


  • LOBO, a common acronym for lender option borrower option, a long term financial product available in the UK


  • Lobo, Batangas, a municipality in the Philippines
  • Lobo, Texas, a ghost town in Culberson County
  • Lobo, Indonesia
  • Lobo, Cameroon, a town in Cameroon
  • Lobo Hill, near Belchite, Aragon, Spain
  • Lobo, Ontario near London, Ontario, Canada
  • Lobo (surname), for people with the surname Lobo

उपनाम या व्यावसायिक नाम

  • Lobo (wrestler) (born 1975), stage name of Joseph Eubanks, American professional wrestler
  • Rebecca Lobo (born 1973), former professional basketball player and current ESPN journalist
  • “El Lobo”, code name for Mikel Lejarza, Spanish intelligence service operative (and the subject of the movie El Lobo)
  • Lobo (musician) (born 1943), Roland Kent Lavoie, singer-songwriter
  • Mr. Lobo (born 1970), American horror host
  • Lobo Ismail (born 1974), Jordanian singer
  • Shakira (born 1977), “la loba”, Colombian singer



  • Lobo, a character played by Tor Johnson in several 1950s horror B-movies
  • The Legend of Lobo, a 1962 Disney film
  • Lobo, an alternative name for the 1932 film Trailing the Killer
  • El Lobo, original Spanish title of the 2004 film The Wolf


  • Duarte Lobo (ca. 1565–1646), Portuguese composer
  • Lobo (musician) (born Roland Kent Lavoie, born 1943), musician who had several hits on the U.S. pop charts during the early 1970s
  • Los Lobos, an American rock band


  • New Mexico Lobos, Athletics team of University of New Mexico
  • Sul Ross State Lobos, Athletics team of Sul Ross State University


  • Lobo (television), The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (later just Lobo), an action-adventure comedic series on NBC from 1979 to 1981
  • Lobo (TV series), a 2008 Filipino series starring Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual

लिख रहे हैं

  • Lobo (DC Comics), a superhuman anti-hero published by DC Comics
  • Lobo (Dell Comics), a Western comic book character considered the first African-American to star in his own book
  • Lobo, a 1972 book of poetry by William Childress
  • Lobo (The King of Currumpaw), a story by Ernest Thompson Seton about a wolf he trapped and shot

अन्य उपयोग

  • Lobo, a cultivar of apple from Canada
  • Lobo, an alternative name for Zambo in the racial classification of colonial Mexico
  • Ford Lobo, an alternative name for Ford F-150, a pickup truck
  • Hafei Lobo, a car
  • LOBO Max-80, a TRS-80 home computer clone

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