लर्नर क्या है इन हिंदी | What is Lerner in hindi information, जानकारी kya hai

लर्नर एक जर्मन और यहूदी परिवार का नाम है इसका शाब्दिक अर्थ या तो “छात्र” या “विद्वान” हो सकता है
इसका उल्लेख हो सकता है:


  • Lerner Enterprises, a real estate company
  • Lerner Newspapers
  • Lerner Publishing Group, a publisher of children’s literature
  • Lerner New York, the former name of the New York & Company clothing chain


  • Aaron Bunsen Lerner (1920–2007), American physician, researcher and professor
  • Abba Lerner, American economist
  • Adam Lerner, American museum curator
  • Al Lerner, billionaire, chairman of MBNA
  • Al Lerner (composer), American musician, pianist, and big band leader
  • Alan Jay Lerner, American lyricist and librettist
  • Alejandro Lerner, Argentine musician
  • Avi Lerner, film producer
  • Ben Lerner, American poet
  • Claire Lerner, non-profit director
  • Dan Lerner, American television director and producer
  • David Lerner (1951-1997?), American poet
  • Edward (Ned) Lerner, computer-game maker
  • Edward M. Lerner, science-fiction writer
  • Eric Lerner, American scientist and popular science author
  • Gad Lerner, Italian journalist and writer
  • George Lerner, inventor of the toy Mr. Potato Head
  • Gerda Lerner, a founder of the fields of women and African American history
  • Irving Lerner, alleged Soviet spy in the US during World War II
  • I. Michael Lerner, geneticist and evolutionary biologist
  • Jaime Lerner, architect and urban planner, Brazilian state governor
  • Jennifer Lerner, professor and experimental social psychologist
  • Jimmy Lerner, American poet, novelist, and criminal
  • Josh Lerner, American economist, professor at the Harvard Business School
  • Ken Lerner, American actor
  • Konstantin Lerner, Ukrainian chess grandmaster
  • Laurence Lerner, literary critic, poet and novelist
  • Leo Lerner, a newspaper publisher
  • Lois Lerner
  • Max Lerner, American journalist and educator
  • Melvin J. Lerner, professor of social psychology
  • Michael Lerner (rabbi), rabbi and left-wing political activist
  • Michael Lerner (actor)
  • Murray Lerner, American film director and producer
  • Osip Mikhailovich Lerner, 19th century Russian Jewish intellectual and lawyer
  • Randy Lerner, American entrepreneur and sports team owner
  • Richard Lerner, American research chemist
  • Robert E. Lerner, American medieval historian
  • Samuel Lerner, Romanian songwriter American theater and film.
  • Samuel A. Lerner, Co-founder Lerner Shops, father of Alan J. Lerner
  • Sam Lerner, American child actor
  • Sandra Lerner, co-founder of Cisco Systems
  • Sara Hestrin-Lerner, Israeli physiologist
  • Sidney B. Lerner, Manitoba judge
  • Stephen Lerner, labor and community organizer
  • Ted Lerner, billionaire, real estate developer, and owner of the Washington Nationals
  • Theodor Lerner, German journalist and polar explorer

अन्य उपयोग

  • Lerner Index
  • “Lerner Exchange,” an illegal maneuver figuring in the conviction of ex-media baron Conrad Black

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