तुम्हारे लिए क्या है इन हिंदी | What is For You in hindi information, जानकारी kya hai

आप इसका उल्लेख कर सकते हैं:


  • For You (Casey Donovan album), 2004
  • For You (Philipp Kirkorov album), 2007
  • For You (Prince album), 1978
  • For You (Jo Stafford album), 2011
  • For You (Eddie Kendricks album), 1974
  • For You (Fatin Shidqia album), 2013
  • For You (Selena Gomez album), 2014
  • For You (Frankmusik album), 2015
  • For You (EP), by Luv’
  • For You, by Jack Russell
  • For You, by Jackie DeShannon
  • For You, by Khaya Mthethwa
  • For You, by L.T.D.
  • Gold Vol. 1, alternately titled For You, by Celine Dion


  • “For You” (Bruce Springsteen song), 1973
  • “For You” (The Calling song), 2003
  • “For You” (Electronic song), 1996
  • “For You” (Utada Hikaru song), 2000
  • “For You” (Keith Urban song), 2012
  • “For You” (Kenny Lattimore song), 1997
  • “For You” (Ricky Nelson song), written by Johnny Burke and Al Dubin, covered by Ricky Nelson
  • “For You” (Staind song), 2001
  • “For You” (James Otto song), 2008
  • “For You” (The Outfield song), 1990
  • “For You”, by All The Remains from The Order of Things
  • “For You”, by Anti-Nowhere League from We Are…The League
  • “For You”, by Azu from Two of Us
  • “For You”, by Barenaked Ladies from Everything to Everyone
  • “For You”, by Coldplay from Parachutes
  • “For You”, by Dean Martin
  • “For You”, by Demi Lovato from Confident
  • “For You”, by Emerson, Lake & Palmer from Love Beach
  • “For You”, by Fall of Envy
  • “For You”, by Greg Kihn from Greg Kihn Again
  • “For You”, by HIM – His Infernal Majesty – from Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666
  • “For You”, by John Denver from Higher Ground
  • “For You”, by Journey from Time3
  • “For You”, by Killswitch Engage from As Daylight Dies
  • “For You”, by Manfred Mann from Chance
  • “For You”, by Michael W. Smith from Go West Young Man
  • “For You”, by My Dying Bride from Like Gods of the Sun
  • “For You”, by Perry Como
  • “For You”, by R. Kelly from 12 Play
  • “For You”, by Rae Morris from Unguarded
  • “For You”, by The Real People
  • “For You”, by Six by Seven from The Things We Make
  • “For You”, by Split Enz from The Beginning of the Enz
  • “For You”, by Tracy Chapman from Tracy Chapman
  • “For You”, by Travis Tritt from No More Looking over My Shoulder


  • For You (film), a 2015 Lebanese biblical drama film
  • For You (Italian TV channel), an Italian shopping and movie channel
  • For You, an opera by Michael Berkeley
  • For You: Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen’s Legendary Fans, a book about singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen

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